Aid for Aidan

October 21, 2010 separator be inspired

You have bare walls at home, and you need something to do with all that extra cash you’ve got lying around, right? Yeah? Okay, good. I’ll pause while you put your shopping hat on. Ready? 

Okay – this darling little man was diagnosed with leukemia just over a month ago. He’s only five years old, and he has two or three years of chemo in front of him. From the look of things, he’s taking it all like a little champ, and you can’t help but smile looking at him on the Aid for Aidan blog. He got to go home from the hospital yesterday, and I know that he’s got a lot of people keeping him in their thoughts and prayers all the way. 

But you’re still wondering how to cover up those bare walls and empty your wallets, right? Don’t worry – I didn’t forget. One of Aidan’s favorite things to do is to draw. He especially likes drawing monsters. He spent a lot of his chemo time drawing monsters, dinosaurs, and clowns, and now you can own your own little Aidan masterpiece! His family is selling prints of his art, and 100% of the proceeds will go to pay the little guy’s medical bills. His shop is called Aidan’s Monsters, and it has already sold over 700 prints in about a month. Let’s keep that number going up to show Aidan and his family that they’re not alone!

If you don’t want a piece of fine art (though I’m quite partial to that stegosaurus…), you can donate any amount at all just by clicking here to give through PayPal. 

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  1. Just featured Aidan on FB. God, I hate clowns… this little man has some serious talent going on! Will now proceed to PayPal to give him some ThumbsUp.

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