1. Thanks Bethany and KClark – it was a fun picture to take!

    Thanks Lindsay for the fun word choices too. Loving the grass one too – just so cool!

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    My timing was perfect for coming to see if the photos were posted yet.

    They are all just great and I really appreciate you featuring my button photo.

    The imagination is the limit when it comes to seeing everything that shines. ♥

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. I agree, the hood ornament in a perfect example. It still fascinates me how saying one word can bring so many different images to mind. Is it any wonder we have trouble communicating sometimes.

  4. Everything in me wants to say the adorable ducky is the best one because it is so cute, but I really think the hood ornament is the best one for the inspiration word. Good stuff!

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