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Today, please welcome The Bright Side Project with a bit of inspiration and motivation for your Monday! Oh, and on the note of inspiration, have you gotten your free “Be There” printable download poster yet? 

We are The Bright Side Project, a website dedicated to spreading sunshine to all the corners of the internet through themed daily giveaways and witty repertoire. We want to encourage you to stop for a moment and remember that life is (inherently) beautiful.

Ah, the good life. We’ve all heard about it, referenced it in conversations, based entire inspiration boards around it. Yet how many of us know how to actually attain it? We have come up with a Good Life Boot Camp for you this summer to help guide you. Granted, we are all individuals with unique needs, but we here at The Bright Side Project firmly believe that the implementation of any or all of the following will have your heart full of sunshine in no time!
Eat well. Feed your body the fuel it needs to get you through the day. And remember, it’s all about balance.

Take a day off now and then. All work and no play breeds stress, anger, exhaustion, illness. Unplug every now and then and give yourself the freedom to relax, be alone, recharge.

Celebrate the small things. So often we let the details pass by us, missing the opportunity for happiness.
Court yourself. In the daily grind of life and love and work and family, we sometimes forget that our best ally is the one looking back at us in the mirror. Treat yourself the way you would the one you love the most. Watch your heart grow exponentially.

Remember that beauty isn’t the same thing as perfection.
Forgive yourself for everything. Forgiving others will fall into place. Know your boundaries, honor them, challenge them when necessary. Always remember that you are worth it. Always.
Have fun. Let loose and let yourself act like a kid now and again. After all, we all think kids lead the ultimate good life, don’t we? Harness it.
If all else fails, keep the words of Max Ehrmann close to your heart:

                        “With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
                         it is still a beautiful world.
                         Be cheerful.
                         Strive to be happy.”

Thanks so much to The Bright Side Project for today’s inspirational guest post. Be sure to go pay them a visit!


  1. Thanks again so much for this opportunity Lindsay! We are honored to collaborate with you. Tabitha thank you for your comment it’s also so thrilling to know people are reading and enjoying!

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