Four Clever Uses for a Circle Punch

August 31, 2010 separator DIY Tutorial

I recently bought a 1″ circle punch on sale at Hobby Lobby, and it’s my newest obsession. Today I’ll show you four fun, quick, and easy little projects that you can make using this little marvel. The best part is that you can put them all together for coordinated party decor and favors!

Haute Favor Bag

Supplies: For this little project, you’ll use small glassine bags (available on Etsy), or even little paper bags. You can pick up the wax seal and the wax at any Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. I used wrapping paper for my circles, but scrapbook paper is always good – especially for coordinating the different projects.
To Make: Fill your little goodie bag with your favors or your shop items, and the fold the top down a couple times. Fold the ribbon over after trimming the ends, and tape it to back of the circle. Either tape this to the front of the bag, or for extra flair, sew it on. Drip some of the sealing wax over the circle; allow it to cool for about 15 seconds, and stamp it with the seal.

Pretty Party Garland

Supplies: This one’s very simple – just some all-purpose thread, clear tape, and scrapbook paper. I recommend using double-sided paper so that the garland is colorful no matter which side the circles spin to.
To Make: Leave about a foot of thread at each end for hanging, and then attach a circle approximately every four to six inches using a little piece of tape. It’s that easy. You can make the garland as long or as short as you’d like.

Cupcake Topper Place Cards

Supplies: You can use the same scrapbook paper as you did for the other projects to coordinate. Use nice, thick toothpicks and either letter stickers or stamps.
To Make: Use two circles for each topper. Roll up a little piece of tape for each circle, and stick them together with the toothpick in between. Add a sticker, or stamp one side. You can put these together to spell something, or you can leave on at each seat with your guests’ initials.

Cute Little Gift Tags

Supplies: You can use index cards for a cute twist, or you can use that same paper to coordinate. Use baker’s twine or yarn, depending on the paper, and then you can use a cute little stamp to match your theme.
To Make: Stamp one side of the circle, and then write your “to and from” on the other side. You could also stick with the initials, as you used for the cupcake toppers. Punch a little hole, thread the twine, and attach to your gifts!


  1. Oh, four great ideas to do with the circle punch.Thank you and I will try out the ideas guaranteed.
    Many greetings from germany

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Do you take requests for How-Tos-Day? I love the bobby pins in your etsy store. But much as I love to support handmade creativity, I’m not currently gainfully employed, so they’re a bit out of my budget. I do however have plenty of creative odds and sods that I believe could be turned into some lovely pins. Could you share your process for that project? I realize etsy is a source of income for you so you may be reluctant to share your trade secrets. If so I totally understand, just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.


  3. Love these ideas! I’m using my circle punch to make hanging tags for my next craft show. Just in the process of designing them now.

    Thanks for sharing these. Always happy to find new uses for my crafty tools:)

  4. Thanks for your ideas! I think I’ll definitely try the garland and cupcake toppers for my daughters birthday – Amy

  5. How cute! I’m always looking for cute stampings to create tags for my soaps and I forgot how classy simple circles could look!

  6. very fun! I have the same stamp. They’re fun! and when they get dull, just punch out some recycled coke cans to sharpen them back up! 🙂

    ♥ Tsuki
    Little Gray Fox

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