Bringing Neon Indoors – Color Inspiration

June 10, 2011 separator be inspired

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This week, we’ve seen the neon trend manifested in street fashion, vintage, and the handmade realm. What we haven’t seen so far is how to incorporate the look into your home without overwhelming the whole place, yourselves, and your guests. This first image is my favorite version – very tastefully done. I do love the many different variations these designers undertook though, some as subtle as a neon light, some as bold as neon walls. 
What are your thoughts about taking neon into The Great Indoors?

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  2. Hello,i don’t find neon wall painting.where can i get it?can you reccomend a few brand?


  3. girl. I don’t think I can do it. I wish I had it in me. As much as I love color, I am rarely drawn to neon. And for some reason, I keep picking neutrals for our new apartment. Stop me. I should learn a lesson from these designers.

  4. Hi Lindsay, I’d have to agree with you and say that I prefer the first image. The breaks of white in between colors make it so that your eye doesn’t go into sensory overload unlike that last photo.
    I looked back at your neon clothing post, and I really like the pairing of a neon pink with a regular, perhaps more mute, turquoise. I might try that out today, as a matter of fact.

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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