How to Design Custom Quote & Selfie Pendants with Jevelo Jewelry

April 11, 2016 separator Fashion

How to Design Custom Jewelry with Jevelo Jewelry

If you’ve ever skimmed my #shrimpsaladscribbles feed, you  know I’m addicted to doodling favorite quotes, sayings, and even random words… So when Jevelo Jewelry asked me if I wanted to try out their custom jewelry design app, I jumped at the chance to put some of my favorite words onto a necklace I wear around as a reminder! As somebody who struggles deeply with “too busy” syndrome, I feel like I need a constant reminder to be present. To not be constantly worrying about the next thing. Or how I could have done the last thing differently. To just be here and now and in the moment. Short of getting it tattooed, what better way is there to remind yourself of something so small but so important than to wear it around your neck?

My personal mantra: Be in this moment.


My brother and I have an unspoken competition to see who can make our mom cry (happy tears, of course) with their gift at every holiday. He’s an artist and usually ends up painting some epic thing or other, and I can never compete with that — until now, that is…

Since you can do photo or art jewelry, too, these necklaces make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. As you can see below, I created an adorable sterling silver selfie necklace with a silly picture of my brother Cody and me. I think I might win the mom-tears-of-mothers-day-joy contest this year… 😉

P.S. If you love my quote necklace that I hand-lettered and don’t want to design something yourself, you can buy it right here!

Selfie Necklace from Jevelo Jewelry

Jevelo Jewelry is a unique nordic company founded by Kristian Saarikorpi, a master goldsmith, to design unique silver or steel necklaces from your favorite memories, moments, and things you love.

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You can also pop over the to Jevelo Jewelry Facebook page for a weekly giveaway to win a free necklace you design. All you have to do is download the app and create and save three necklace designs. Check out their page for details, and good luck, of course!

Designing a Selfie Necklace on the Jevelo Jewelry App

You just upload your favorite photo or text to the Jevelo Phone/iPad (and now Android as of April 5!) app and then choose your metal, shape, and adjust the contrast until you’re happy with the preview! You can choose to engrave the image, which is what you’d want for a photo. In the image above, you can see the original image I used of my brother and me, and I’ve just uploaded it onto the circle pendant to decide where I want  to crop and center it.

If you need some help getting started, they have a demo video you can watch, but I promise it’s so easy! Once you get the image into the app, it’s all just adjusting this and that until you’re perfectly happy with how the image looks on metal.

Designing a Quote Necklace on the Jevelo Jewelry App

The other option is a cut-through. It actually cuts the design all the way through instead of just engraving onto the surface of the metal, so it’s nice for numbers and letters, like a quote or a special date. You can see how it looks on the app screen below. I goofed when I ordered my quote necklace and did engraving instead of cut-through, but I designed it to work as a cut-through, where all the letters are attached to the edges and to each other so that nothing “falls through” during the cutting process.

Custom Designed Quote Necklace from Jevelo Jewelry

All the necklaces come in either sterling silver ($99) or steel ($69), and don’t forget to add a chain ($15) if you don’t already have one you want to use.

One of my favorite things about working with Jevelo Jewelry to design a beautiful gift, though, is actually their attention to detail. I’m a packaging junkie, and their beautiful packaging does not disappoint. Everything is tied up separately in little envelopes and sleeves with gold foil and embossed labels, so you really don’t even need to gift wrap if you don’t want to!

Hand Lettered Quote Necklace from Jevelo JewelryMy Quote Pendant from Jevelo Jewelry


Jevelo Logo

Thanks to Jevelo Jewelry for partnering with me for this sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.Thanks for supporting partnerships that help me make Shrimp Salad Circus better for you!

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  1. That’s really sweet of you to give your mum something. Plus, I adore the “live in the now” necklace. That it can be personalized is a brilliant innovation. I also really care about my mother, and my mother also cares about me very much, my mother often plays Vampire Survivors with me whenever she is free for work, because my mother knows I like to play it, she is like a close friend. mine.

  2. So so so cool! And I really love that quote. I have been preaching the same thing to myself over and over again lately!

    1. Thanks, Cyd! If only we could remember it EVERY DAY before we get bogged down in the next wave of busy! 🙂

  3. These are so cute. I love the photo idea, but the one you lettered is just gorgeous! Such a great idea… definitely perfect for Mother’s day!

  4. BOTH of these necklaces are amazing!! Pinning for Mother’s Day ideas!

  5. Aw what a sentimental gift for your mom! And I love the “be in the moment” necklace. Such a cool idea that you can customize it!

    1. Thanks, Bre! I’m sure you could come up with something amazing for a necklace with your design skills! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Melanie. We all need to remind ourselves of certain things over and over, right?! 🙂

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