Favorite Finds No. 85

April 15, 2016 separator Uncategorized

Favorite Finds 85


Well, congratulations on making it through another workweek, all! Any big plans for the weekend? I’ll be working on some calligraphy and lettering projects, including a couple bigger items. It’s always fun to go outside the box and letter on unique surfaces or big items! Add me on Snapchat for sneak peeks; I’m shrimpsaladblog, by the way!

  1. Loving this one so much I went out and got the supplies yesterday to try it myself
  2. So many possibilities for color combinations with these
  3. Little unframed odds and ends are my favorite for a unique gallery wall
  4. A Mother’s Day gift idea in case you haven’t planned what you’re giving Mom yet
  5. Such a cute, abstract way to personalize a gift
  6. Get one get one get one quick
  7. My new current favorite dress on the planet (and my whole Jeopardy outfit)
  8. In any shape or size you want for endless different looks
  9. Your chance to dish about your [fur]babies
  10. Such a great project for a crafting night with your favorite friends
  11. Loving this bold, modern pattern on the edges
  12. So much fantastic texture here
  13. Crazy smart — and the look of this entire room, too, of course


  1. You got to a taping of Jeopardy!?!?! Omg I’m so jealous!! Love the print of your dress!!! =)

    Have a lovely weekend! Thank you for the Instagram shout-out!! =)

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