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May 24, 2012 separator Life

So here it is – what I wore to the Kentucky Derby. It was hella hot that day, so I didn’t really bother to accessorize much. The hat was very, very necessary, as the sun was putting up a good fight all day. I have a little confession, too – I actually switched to flats before we walked to the Derby. That is not a heels venue… We rented an RV for the weekend, and it was an awesome experience. 

Oh, and this oh-so-fashionable wristband I forgot to take off? I’m not even ashamed. Know why? I got it from seeing The Old 97’s. *swoon*

I fully believe that a dress isn’t perfect unless it has good spin potential. This one fits the bill. 

hat . dress w/belt (Calypso)  .  purse (c/o)  .  shoes (similar)

Here’s my favorite. This is the jazziest photo bomb ever by my friend Joe. It’s so good that I’m willing to show this awkward shot of my giraffe neck just so you can see it. 


  1. You look soooooo much like anne hathaway it’s crazy! Love that big hat on you, such a stylish look, great touch w/ the red belt & shoes. sounds like tons of fun too!

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