Marketing Minute – Be a Name Dropper

February 4, 2010 separator marketing minute

Branding is crucial to taking your business to the next level. You have the logo, the name, the clever motto, the color scheme, but you may have overlooked a great, easy branding method.

Give your merchandise a name worth remembering.

Let’s take Thrush Vintage, for example – this camera, long-since sold, was named On Diane Arbus’s Bureau. Others included: Joan Jet’s Dress, Buddy Holly’s Glasses, and The Ann Margaret Suitcase. The tagline is ‘iconic vintage,’ and those item names just mesh perfectly with that. It looks like Thrush has steered away from naming people names lately (you’ve gotta run outta names eventually, right?!), but the idea is fantastic – a great manner of branding.

Then we have Heidi Yount Photography, who identifies her photos by on a stark series of numbers, presumably dates: 12.28.06, 1.18.04,

Art Mind‘s quirky little creatures are named after feelings or emotions and a number in the series. This little guy is Invincible 6. He shares the shop with colleagues In love – 2, Creative – 16, and Sick – 1. This system of nomenclature is striking because it mixes something close to home – feelings – with an almost scientific numerical cataloging system.

Now let’s take Party Poms – all these lovely little tissue-pouf delights bear names reminiscent of a color or combination of colors. This set is Peacock, and others include Pansy, Cool Water, and Dusty Rose.

So there you have it – numbers, quirky names, people names, a series – whatever works for your items and helps you stand out from the crowd is the way to go!


  1. Very inspiring! I like the names of colors idea…there are so many cool names for colors. Of course, all of these ideas are terrific. Thanks!

  2. This is so true. Sometimes the name or cool little story that accompanies the piece or product is what makes you want something sooo bad.

  3. I love the idea of naming items with unique and attention getting names. Its so much more interesting than my typical “Sterling silver and pearl necklace” names. But I wonder how Etsy’s new search algorithms will affect this in the future?

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