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September 9, 2010 separator marketing minute

Don’t think that the irony that I’m writing this on a blog. On the internet. On my computer. is lost on me, but here goes:

We are a generation of society inundated with too much all the time. Not only do I know that you are eating toast with margarine (wishing it were butter) and playing Diner Dash, but I also know that you were at the Holiday Inn in Elk City, Oklahoma at 6:43 yesterday evening. My iPhone was stolen from my office a couple months ago, and I just got a new one this past weekend. Am I thrilled? Of course, though ‘addicted’ might be a more appropriate adjective. You know what else I am? Overwhelmed. I don’t always want to have all four of my email addresses sitting in my purse, just begging to be checked on the quarter hour (I do, however, want to hug said iPhone every time I can’t find myself in Lexington. Thank you, Google Maps.).

My small stand against technology and social media is going to blow your mind. I deleted my Facebook account. I’m a realist, so I know that this won’t be permanent, but I am taking a hiatus from real-time updates of the oh-so-mundane. I’m signing off the world of kitschy ” bumper stickers” and TMI. I am stepping back from the instant-gratification, right-now-centric lifestyle that I’ve become so addicted to.

But then we mustn’t forget the perks of such connectedness…


Anybody want to place wagers on how long I’ll last without the beloved Facebook? Do you think that you could do it? What are your thoughts on the [too] wide world of social media?


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  2. I check my e-mail lots, especially when I’m procrastinating!
    I like facebook because I enjoy becoming addicted to a game or two every so often, I’d miss that 🙂

    We are too connected, we are also too used to it, so I reckon 6 weeks before you get sucked in again….

  3. Good for you!!!! I loath facebook and wish I could get rid of it. I’m afraid of all the weird looks I’d get from people if I told them I don’t have an account!!! 🙂
    Good luck!

  4. I’d like to say I’m somewhat detached from all the online stuff, but I’m really not. My Blackberry sits on my night stand and it is literally the first thing I pick up before I even get out of bed.

    I’m not obsessed about email so much, but I’m on Facebook and Twitter all day, mixed in with reading blogs. I can go the occasional day without doing that, but I don’t think I could do it on a regular basis.

    Good luck with your experiment — let us know if your suffer withdrawal!

  5. On facebook I keep in touch with my siblings and friends.
    I love reading blogs and commenting. I also try to post on mine when I get a chance.
    I can’t imagine having a twitter and flickr account to keep up with.

    My best on your facebook challenge. You will have to post about the outcome!

  6. i can admit that i am addicted to my phone. i check my email constantly, even without the notification popping up. like i can beat the notification! i am on fb alllllll daaaaaaay loooooong. and it’s frustrating when other people don’t consistently post exciting new content. yes, i know, i sound crazy. and obsessed. but that’s where i am. now, i can enjoy the occasional Sunday morning away from technology, but it always feels better when it’s a choice. like, i can decide to leave my phone in the other room and relax on the sofa with my cat. but if i accidentally leave my phone at room, i have a little nervous breakdown. even if i’m with the people who might call me!

    i don’t think i could unplug, because like edana said, some people only communicated via fb and honestly, how would i know what was happening with my friends? it’s not like we actually talk about our lives anymore 🙂

    good luck!!

  7. I actually hate the birthday reminder aspect of facebook. I used to know people’s birthdays off the top of my head. If I wished someone a happy birthday, it meant I cared enough about them to know when their birthday was. Now, regardless of how someone says “happy birthday,” we don’t know that they weren’t just like “oh yeah isn’t her birthday sometime around now?” and decided to check facebook, or saw it on facebook and called you, or something like that. I can barely remember my boyfriend’s birthday now, because remembering birthdays has been trained out of me, but my birthday a few days ago had people I haven’t spoken to in years acting like we were best friends again in their posts on my wall.

    I wish I could quit facebook. The only reason I haven’t is that it has every picture of me from the last few years stored in it, and I want access to those. (And some of my friends communicate solely via facebook. That’s important too.) Good luck!

  8. I think we are all waaay too connected. I am. And I’m okay with it, well sort of lol. I’m addicted to updating my blog, reading other blogs and finding new things for my blog. I tweet, not all the time. My facebook is kind of there but I don’t use it.
    I do think we all could benefit from taking a day or two each month to unplug. Not just turning the computer off but unplugging it so it can’t be turned on.

    Good luck with the facebook goal! 🙂

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