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September 13, 2010

My friend Dayna had a birthday on Thursday, so I tried to put together an epic suprise fiesta on Saturday. I never get to decorate with such “foofy” flair for the guys in my life, so this was a fun change. I also set up a little photo booth that ended up being absolutely the life of the party – pictures of that to come later!

This is a bowling ball holder from a bowling bag, tin cans, and my Ikea 365+ dishes.
The streamers and cupcake toppers are from this tutorial. Thirty-five feet of streamers and 40 cupcake toppers later, I think it lent a nice pop of color to the whole thing. I covered the wall in a white tablecloth, but the dart board scoreboard showed through. Oops… 

These bendy straws added another bright pop of color and a fun diversion for party guests. We even had a few guys sipping from bright yellow straws!

I used clear glasses of different shapes and sizes to add a quirky touch to the tablescape and served up white wine sangria with tons of fruit. Two liters of sangria disappeared ridiculously quickly!

The sparkly tube light in the background is another Ikea staple. Love me some Ikea!

And a quick photo booth preview. Yes, that’s the front of me, and yes, my hair is too long.


  1. How did you do the “quick photo booth??”

    I’d love to pick your party brain when you have a minute…

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