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August 18, 2010 separator marketing minute

Jennifer Palais is back with her monthly organizing column! She runs Palais Professional Organizer and is basically my hero because I think you all know I have issues on that front… She’s bringing you the 411 on social networking and how to make it work for you.

Read on for the continuation of last week’s social media storytelling session!


4. Lioness, cowardly online? Never! People enjoy following fearless crusaders of truth, defenders of passion, integrity and the right to watch silly, kitten videos! Someone who has faith, courage and a little hootspa. So put it out there. Be loud and be proud. Roar! Roar about your services and your business. Most importantly sing the praises of others (see #4). It doesn’t mean you will never be afraid or ever question yourself. It means you will move forward anyway. And it doesn’t mean you’ll never be wrong or fail. The internet is incredibly forgiving. Yes – everything sticks like glue and people can read what you say forever and longer. So that means that when (not if) you make a goof you get to handle it with grace and courage. An honorably handled mistake is worth its weight in gold. You really get to show your pride when you screw up. Head high kitty.
5. Watch out for the Flying Monkeys! Remember how many of them there were in the sky? You couldn’t escape their monkey business! Don’t be like those Flying Monkeys online. Let other people shine. Post more often about other people and their businesses their accomplishments than your own. There is no magic equation, some say 10:1 but you will find what is comfortable for you. Just note that it social media is a great place to talk about others in your field, give great information about your industry, post things of interest to
you or your followers and yes, post what you are selling, doing and accomplishing in your business.
6. It’s curtains for the Wizard. We don’t have to play wizard on the web because we are all in this together. It is a big “we,” and we are all learn together. Promote others in your field or people in other fields who you could partner with. I’m an organizer and I partner with Eddie Jauregui from Business Smarts – an IT professional – a true Wizard! You can be a leader in your field but you don’t have to have all the answers. What a relief that is. Step out from the curtain and be human. People will relate and want to work with you. You can be great at what you do and still not know it all.

7. The Wicked Witch of the West. Watch out for spammers who try to tell you how to get 10,000 fans or followers overnight. The best way to use social media is to organically let our audience grow. Put a link to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts on your website, participate daily and don’t focus on quantity. Focus on the quality of your engagements and content. Focus on connecting with people, customers and partners in a real way and sharing information that is useful and timely.
I’d love to hear your story media business story! What are your favorite social media platforms and tips? Leave a comment here or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Customdesigns4ubynan – thank you so much for your kind remarks..AND for the correct spelling of hutzpah! lol …

  2. love this woman and her attitude, had great fun reading this post and taking her advise to heart. And, it’s spelled hutzpah, btw. Great article.

  3. Great social media tool Miss Val! I love following other people’s blogs too…learn so much that way and it is fun!

  4. Wonderful post! I love reading and following other’s blogs. It always feels good to praise others! That is my favorite social media tool.

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