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August 19, 2010 separator etsy

Janae Chang is the bubbly-wonderful face behind Pink Dandy, the shop and Pink Dandy Chatter, the blog. You probably remember her from the giveaway awhile back. Lucky for you, she’s back today to share her tips for succeeding as a seller on Etsy!

My experience as a seller on Etsy

Becoming a seller on Etsy can be fun and rewarding. I began selling on Etsy in March of 2009. It took about two months to get established, and business has been great ever since. I have been very blessed to have lots of return customers, and loads of referrals. In less that a year and a half, I have sold over 800 products on Etsy alone.

You must spread the word about your products! Networking through Etsy’s forum definitely helps! Etsians are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Everyone is anxious to help out and answer any questions you may have. So, make sure to connect with sellers and buyers on the forums.

I like to find cheap ad space on Etsy related sites, sponsor giveaways on Etsy-related blogs, and I also run my own blog. Using these tools helps to direct more traffic to my shop. My own blog allows me to connect with my readers and in return they get a feel for who I am as a person and what my interests are. I love to use Facebook and Twitter as other networking tools to promote my business.

I treat my Etsy shop as if it were any other business. Product pictures must be well lit and clear. I feel that your photos are not only a good representation of your goods, but that they are also a good representation of how YOU view your own goods. You have one shot to really draw a potential customer in. If your pictures are not crystal clear with good background lighting, you could miss out on sales.

Q. What made you decide to begin selling on Etsy?

A. I was amazed to see so many unique products made by so many creative and talented individuals. I felt like it was the perfect market place for my product, and I thought that the Etsy members could really appreciate the natural products that I make. You’ll find some of the most fascinating things on Etsy that you won’t find anywhere else!

Q. What are the advantages of selling on Etsy?
A. Etsy members have an appreciation for handmade products, and the hard work that goes into them. You have complete control of your own store, and the fees are very reasonable. You can also “Showcase” one of your products which will be displayed at the top of the page for the category it’s listed in. Being on Etsy is like having your own little space in a huge mall for handmade products!

Q. What are disadvantages of selling on Etsy?
A. The only real disadvantage that I can think of is that your shop is a tadpole in a huge lake. It is really difficult to find all the wonderful treasures available when there are so many shops selling on Etsy. I have had several people comment that they didn’t even know Pink Dandy existed. So, if you want to be able to sell on Etsy, you also have to make the commitment to network a lot and really get your name out there.

Q. How do you feel Etsy has most changed the way artisans sell their products?
A. Etsy members are able to reach an audience unlike anything before. It offers exposure to thousands of people trying to find that special product they can’t find anywhere else. The Etsy team is all about allowing the shops to make decisions and get involved…which is extremely important. Etsy allows us to have a lot of control instead of the other way around.

Here’s to Good Luck On Your Etsy Journey!

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