travel update | I hugged a shark

August 22, 2010 separator Life


I’m at an internet cafe for about fifteen minutes here, so I’m gonna keep this brief. I’m on Ambergris Caye in Belize and snorkeled and kayaked all day yesterday. Needless to say, it was absolutely gorgeous.
Also – I hugged one of those ^ . It’s a nurse shark. Picture to follow. It was pretty awesome. Oh, and did I mention the 25 foot whale sharks that I swam next to? Liiiiiike close enough to touch? Yeah – they were bigger than our boat.
I’ll be home in less than a week, and pictures and lots of stories are quick to follow – promise!


  1. Wow, that sounds amazing! I got to swim with dolphins a couple years ago and it was incredible, but to do it in the wild would be even better! Sounds like you’re having loads of fun!

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