A Mile in My Shoes – Woodland Art Fair

August 22, 2009 separator Life

Last weekend I got a call from a friend saying to stop by this little art fair and visit him. Well, much to my surprise, it was a 60,000 person mega art festival. I was definitely not prepared with enough cash, so I dragged my ever-the-good-sport boyfriend along with me Sunday morning for round two. We showed down on onion petals and ice cream, and I drooled over everything I couldn’t afford.
I did, however, snag this little darling little print from Lexington’s Cricket Press for only ten bucks! {Yay for not having to pay shipping!} You have to check out their Etsy shop; they do some really great work! I also snagged a couple vintage enamel pendants from the cutest, flightiest little lady. One is a daisy lariat, and the other is a tiny little red apple.

My fave purchase, however, might have been the incredible vintage Polaroid that I just listed today. All in all, it was excellent weekend, and I’d love many more just like it before starting grad school. *sigh*



  1. Shoot! Wish I would have known, I would have come down and dragged Jess with me!
    I don’t know how I would have gotten out of there with any money, just judging from the pictures!
    Looks like an awesome day, and I love the print!

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