Elegant Chain Tassel Earrings – How To-sday

August 18, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

Somebody finally answered my plea for tutorials, so you no longer have to deal with endless pictures of my furniture and roll your eyes because I really just spray painted a thrift store table anyway… {Although I was pretty happy with the sushi cake…} The darling Katie of Lemon Jitters has volunteered her Elegant Earrings Tutorial up for your crafting enjoyment. This tutorial was originally created for the exchange program on Totally Tutorials, so I encourage you to check it out {Read: free supplies in exchange for your tutorial!}.

  • – Earwires – I used these beautiful bali vermeil (24k gold over sterling silver) earwires from Bobbi’s This N That. She also supplied my project with the great green and white glass beads you see! She is such a nice seller. Check her out!
  • 20 pieces of chain. I used 1.75 in for each length of gold toned, upcycled chain. Make sure you cut 4 pieces a bit shorter than the rest, at varying lengths.
  • 2 small gold spacer beads (Mine are reclaimed vintage)
  • 2 filigree beads (I used 4 upcycled beadcaps to make the beads)
  • 2 headpins (the beautiful ball headpins I used are from Bobbi’s This N That)
  • 6 beads (I used really small, Czech glass rounds, also from Bobbi)
  • 6 pieces of wire (I used 28 gauge, gold toned wire. I cut the length aroudn 5.5 in. The length and gauge is up to you and the size of your beads/chain)
  • 2 beadcaps (preferably fluted, not round)
  1. Place one of your beads on a the center of a piece of wire and twist the wire in the typical wire wrapping fashion. Only you don’t stop wrapping as you usually would. Twist the entire length of wire together.
  2. Thread the twisted wire strand with a piece of chain. Once the chain is resting at the end of the strand, by the bead, begin to wrap the wire strand around the bead. Don’t be precise – just wrap each bead organically. They will all look different – that is part of the charm. 🙂 You will do this for all 6 beads.
  3. Once you have wrapped all 6 beads onto chain, create a loop in your headpin and begin threading the chains on to the pin. I used this pattern: 2 plain chains, a short one with green bead, 2 plain chains, one with a white bead, 2 plain chains, a semi-short one with a green bead, 1 plain chain. Then, add your filigree bead and small beads (whatever you’d like!) to the headpin.
  4. Wrap your headpin around the earwire and voila! You have a lovely earring. Now repeat and you have a lovely pair of earrings 🙂

You can find the finished product at Lemon Jitters on Etsy. Thanks to Bobbi at Bobbi’s This N Thats for donating some lovely supplies! And thanks to Dotty at Totally Tutorials for providing this tutorial exchange opportunity!

Ms. Lemon Jitters Herself:


  1. nice!! 🙂

    i also love Bobbi’s this & that – especially the fact that she’s also in Ontario, so i get my supplies in a couple days (instead of weeks).

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