Giant Sushi Birthday Cake – How To-sday

August 11, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

Friday was my best friend Marion’s birthday, so I had to make a pretty phenomenal cake. I wanted to make an owl cake but had a last minute change of heart and went with sushi. I Googled for ideas but found only tons of cakes with lots of little sushis on them, so I decided to design my own and share the process with you guys {& I better not see this on Cake Wrecks!!!}:


  1. I make “rice” for my Chinese New Years cake with fondant pressed through a garlic press and just cut it was it comes out the length I want it. Works great, looks like rice. You can also do it with candy clay (modeling choc)

  2. Where can I buy green fruit roll ups? It seems like they only make multicolored or strawberry these days!

  3. This is so cute! I love it, and might just have to try and re-create it for my own birthday coming up. 😉

  4. This looks amazing, and it’s way simpler than it looks!! 😀 I looove it! I think I will use the same method to make smaller cupcake sized sushi.

  5. This looks SO awesome, thank you so much for the idea!! I’ve got sushi lovers AND cake lovers, this makes a great combo! One day, I’m going to try this.

  6. All, so glad you’re still loving the sushi cake as much as I loved making it! If you make your own version, be sure to send me pictures!!! 😀

    – Lindsay

  7. Thanks for the great idea. I’m going to make it this weekend for my daughter’s birthday. She loves sushi. 🙂

  8. i think i will try to make that for April fools day, making my kids think i’m really forcing them to try sushi. thanks for such great pics and instructions

  9. i think i will try to make that for April fools day, making my kids think i’m really forcing them to try sushi. thanks for such great pics and instructions

  10. this is so PERFECT!! I love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll have to try it out the next time one of my girlfriends has a sushi birthday dinner.
    Rock on.

  11. This is lovely– Notice there’s a lot of complaints about coconut for rice, maybe grated white chocolate?

  12. This is AMAZING! xxx

    ps. I’m working on your portrait so don’t think I’ve forgotten xxx

  13. Saw this just in time for my daughters 20th birthday. She loved it! It looked GREAT! thanks for the fab tutorial!

  14. What a great idea!!!! I love it!!!

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog…glad you liked the story about the califont 🙂

  15. This cake is so awesome, i am going to have to try to make it sometime, for my kids, they will surely love it! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! Now I know what cake my hubby is getting this year for his birthday!!

  17. I hope you don’t mind, but I featured your blog post (with links to your blog and your shop) on my blog. That cake is just so amazing, I had to share it.

  18. Thank you so much for the tutorial with pics! My boyfriend and I are huge sushi fans and this would be such a cute cake to make for him.

  19. That is so totally cool! It looks like something they would do on “Ace of Cakes”! I could never come up with something as great as that.

  20. This is totally awesome. It looks amazing! And once you figured out HOW to do it, doesn’t look like it was that hard. *scratches head and thinks to self “I could do that!”*

  21. Apart from the coconut, I want it! lol Not that the coconut doesn’t LOOK amazing… I just dislike the texture 😛

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