Breakfast in Bed Mother’s Day Cupcakes

May 1, 2015 separator DIY Tutorial

Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Cupcakes

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching, though I’m sure you already knew it’s on May 10, right? *wink, wink*

Besides some adorable gifts from here, I think we can assume that most moms are into sweets. All the better if they’re sweet and cute, and fortunately, I have just the thing… Since we’re all super busy and often strapped for cash, I’ve partnered with the Give Bakery Because campaign again to show you how you can turn store-bought baked goods into memorable goodies fit for gifting. This is a sponsored post, but although I was compensated for creating this project, the idea was all mine, and I always have a blast working with this group!

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 4

Read on to find out how quick and easy these “breakfast in bed” cupcakes are. Once you’ve whipped them up, I suggest delivering one (or 12!) to your mom nestled into a pretty coffee cup. Also, bring her coffee. Moms always need caffeine. Always.

Read on for the full tutorial, using nothing but store-bought bakery cupcakes and a few little odds and ends from the candy store. In fact, I made all four of these cupcakes for about $6!

If you make them, I want to see! Share your pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter with the hashtag #GiveBakery and #MyShrimpSaladCircus to show off your gifting skills!

P.S. Read through to the end to find out how to win one of three $25 Visa gift cards!

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 2.png breakfast in bed Mothers Day 6


  • Frosted cupcakes
  • Gummy fried eggs
  • Red gummy tape/Fruit by the Foot/fruit leather
  • Gummy orange slice
  • White chocolate wafers
  • Thick jam
  • Powdered sugar
  • Drinking glass, spoon, and kitchen scissors

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 7

1.   Dip the bottom of a drinking glass into a bowl of powdered sugar, moistening it first if necessary to coat it thoroughly. You want to make sure to have plenty of sugar on the bottom to keep the glass from sticking to the frosting.

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 8

2. Press the glass onto the top of the cupcake with a gentle twisting motion, completely flattening the top of the frosting. When you’re done, it should look something like a plate – a breakfast plate!

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 9

3.   Press a chocolate wafer onto an edge of the frosting, and spread a thin dollop of jam, giving the appearance of a biscuit or English muffin.

*Note – I painted them with food coloring for these pictures so that it would really show, but jam is a much better way to go flavor-wise!

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 10

4.   Twist up a length of red fruit tape, and pinch it together for a minute. This will help it retain a curled shape on the cupcake.

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 11

5.   Press the edges of the “bacon” into the frosting so that they stand upright just a bit, giving the cupcake some height variation. After you’re happy with the placement of your first piece, add one more.

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 12

6.   Cut the jelly orange slice into four wedges. Nestle the tip of one of the wedges into the frosting beside the bacon.

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 13

7.   Add a fried egg between the bacon and orange, and you’re good to go!

breakfast in bed Mothers Day 15

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Be sure to follow Give Bakery Because on Pinterest for more inspiration using store-bought baked goods. Their motto? “Buy it, wrap it, gift it, share it! It’s gifting made delicious – ready to gift to anyone at any time!”

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  2. Um these are such a brilliant idea! You did an amazingly wonderful job- so cute!

    One of my favorite memories of my mom was in junior high school. My twin sister and I had been begging my mom to go shopping in downtown Salt Lake City that winter for Christmas gifts. And we always hinted that it would be fun to get checked out from school to do it, knowing that would probably never happen because she never checked us out from school and she worked full-time. Then one Friday we heard our names on the intercomm and there she was waiting to take us shopping! And it was the perfect day- we even had lunch at a place that our grandma used to take my mom.

  3. College has been quite an uphill battle for me, both financially and academically. I went to a school 8 hours from home, so coming home was a big deal. From the time I was three, I have known what I wanted to do. One time, I was having a particularly rough week and it was as though she knew – I got a simple photo message that said “Right now, you may not be where you intended to be, but it’s where you need to be in order to get to where you want to go.” She’s always known the perfect things to send me and just the right times. It’s those little words of encouragement that go a long way.

  4. One of my favorite memories of my mom is when she came to visit me during some hard times and she cooked me a bunch of my favorite meals, we laughed a ton and when she left she left a huge stack of one dollar bills under my pillow with a really encouraging note about how things would be alright.

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