miley is twerkin’ crazy, but what about robin?

August 29, 2013 separator Uncategorized

The crass train wreck that launched a thousand memes – even if we didn’t watch the VMAs, we’ve all been subjected to Miley’s fun with the foam hand. Her performance is considered by some to be racially offensive, and I think we can all agree that we saw a little too much of Miss Cyrus. We’re all sick of it. And yeah, we all fully acknowledge that she’s maybe losing it just a little bit completely. Let’s stop beating the poor, dead, zombie horse at this point, shall we?

Why isn’t Robin Thicke being roasted over the same fire?

Thicke is 36 and married and yet spent his stage time at the VMAs pelvic-thrusting behind a doubled-over 20 year old while singing “I know you want it” over and over. In the video for Blurred Lines (caution – so not safe for work), women are strutting around and fawning all over him sans-clothing. Completely naked – the same look that Miley’s nude bikini conjures. Do we really think that her look wasn’t at all inspired by his video, the video that totally objectifies women? (Also, can we please talk about why Thicke was channeling Beetle Juice?!)

I’m going to leave my rant here, but I’d like to know whether you agree or disagree. What do you think: Why are we skewering Miley for being a slut and an attention-whore but not calling out a man almost twice her age for the same thing?  

P.S. This parody says it all about the “Blurred Lines” video. When you flip it around, it just seems kind of ridiculous, right? Hilarious!

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  1. We don’t speak about Robin Thicke… no only because he’s a man… he is NO WHERE NEAR as famous as Miley Cyrus. As a black woman I didn’t find any of it racist. I did get second hand embarrassment for everyone on stage though. Who called it racist and why… the problem I had is the talk it got afterwards. C’mon now. Miley Cyrus is what… 20? WHO CARES?! Janet did this, Britney did this, Christina even went dirty! These girls always had the “perfect girl” image thrusted upon them and I don’t blame any of them lashing out the way they do. They want to break this image. I am SOOOOOO tired of ppl saying Miley Cyrus is a role model. The chick is 20 YEARS OLD! What does she know about being a role model? Just because she starred in a Hannah Montana show? That qualifies her to teach our daughters how to act. If you believe this then perhaps you should, as a parent, blame yourself. You should be your daughters role model not some girl who grew up on TV. At 20 we were ALL doing dumb shit. The only difference between Miley and us… we aren’t on the cover of tabloids every week. #EndRant

  2. I am really shocked by the fact that everybody’s talking about Miley now that she is legal age and therefore can do whatever she wants to with her body (as long as she doesn’t harm anyone, of course!) and nobody got scandalized when she was CHILD LABOURING (which on the other hand is an abuse…) in an allegedly developed country.

  3. Honestly I think it’s because people actually care about Miley…she’s the one you hear about, she’s EVERYWHERE! Where as Robin Thicke……………………Robin who? Am I alone here? I’ve heard the song, but his name I’ve only just discovered from the VMA’s.

    Regardless, the whole thing is completely vulgar and just plain embarrassing.

    So good to see fresh young faces at the VMA’s – Bella Thorne, Lily Collins, Adriana Grande…all so sweet. Move aside Miley! Then again, Hollywood will most likely destroy them too. Sigh.

    xx -b.

  4. Thank you so much for stating what SHOULD be obvious but seems to be getting overlooked. All parties involved in this trainwreck are equally guilty….

  5. Seriously AMEN to everything you said! WHY oh why has NO ONE commented on this ridiculous circus tent of a suit he was wearing? They both need to be skewered in my opinion!

  6. I agree 100%. People are saying so much about Miley but no one says anything about Robin Thicke which in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous, they are both adults and can make their own decisions but come on this is just absurd honestly. Great post!

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