Coveting – Seafoam, Peach, & Grey

April 16, 2012 separator color inspiration

I’m trying out a few new post layout ideas, and I’m kind of liking this one in particular. I was shooting for a magazine-esque vibe. I’m loving peach and teal/sea foam greens right now. I think it’s a great, really do-able combination. 
Plus, how fantastically, simply, adorable is that pendant light cord? I want to twist a bunch together for a great industrial but chic chandelier creature!
2. Pastel Textile Cord . Studio Snowpupe . 6  3. Five Elastic Hair Ties . The Mane Message . $7
4. Glossy Ear Posts . Doble Ele . $7.70  5. Soft Splatter Infinity Scarf . White Moth . $25
6. Sheer 1960s Chiffon Blouse . WoozWass Vintage . 29
What color combination or palette is calling to you this spring?

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  1. Lovely blog, I love your picks! You’ve got yourself a new follower 🙂

  2. what I love about this post’s layout is the seperating dot lines
    very cute!
    as for the board.. I ADORE these lights!!!
    they are awsome,I would do the same as you said- get a bunch and hang in a btach form 🙂

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