Incorporating DIY into Real Life

April 12, 2012 separator Fashion

I DIY all the time, but then you never see it again. I’m terrible about that. I’ll make things and then forget about them entirely. That’s why, this time anyway, I made myself put together an outfit with a couple of my DIY goodies so that I actually got some good use out of everything for once!
What have you made by hand recently that you’ve actually gotten some good use out of? 
Am I the only crazy person who makes things just for the sake of making them, and then doesn’t do anything with it?! Probably… 
While I’ve got you on here, here are a couple more neon DIY projects that I love all over the interwebs: 
painted animals . oh so pretty
neon pots . the proper pinwheel
scarf belt . in the loop
more painted pots . on my honor
Outtakes! I can never get a good jump shot. I get lots of these pics though! lol
I’m destined for the [really skinny ledge] cat walk, no?!


  1. haha I can never get good jumping shots either. Love what you did to that top, I’d def overwear it but I usually have the problem of thrifting too much to DIY and never doing it haha. fun gif too!Hope you’re enjoying the euro vacation! if you head to spain I can offer suggestions but not much else : )

  2. DEFINITELY a make-something-then-doesn’t-know-what-to-do-with-it person! A lot of the times I make paper stuff as well… and then find it cluttering up my room >.<

  3. You are not the only crazy person who makes things just for the sake of making them – i have the same ‘problem’ (-;

    Cool DIY’s – i love neon!

    How do you make the picture/movie-thing?
    (If you understand what i am talking about (-; I mean the moving pictures over the “[really skinny ledge] cat walk”)

    Have a nice day! (-:

  4. Yep! Just donated a shirt to Goodwill – I made it over and never wore it! Funny thing is, the post I wrote about it has been my second most popular post of all time. One thing I made that I use every day is my coffee table – I love it!

  5. I love this shirt! I also make things and then they never do anything but sit on my shelf. I am working on it, though! 🙂

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