4 Tips & Tricks to Take a Good Selfie

January 12, 2012 separator Photography


You guys, I’m so excited to have Elycia of ♥elycia on the blog today! First off, let’s just talk about how much fun her hair and her adorable self are! Secondly, she’s posting about something that I think is really awkward and scary for many people – taking pictures of yourself. Read on, and be sure to share any pictures you take after learning how to take a good selfie! – Lindsay

Hello there! I’m elycia from the blog ♥elycia. I am a crafty, vintage-loving, cat lady living in a cute house on a quiet street with my husband and our two kitties. I was so excited when Lindsay asked me to participate in this little photography project. Today I’m here to talk to you about something that is so fun for me… taking my own outfit photos! Every so often I grab my husband and have him snap a few outfit shots for me but more often than not I take them all by myself! Here are 5 things that help me out when taking my own outfit photos. 
1.   Get yourself a tripod.Not only does a tripod make taking outfit photos of yourself easier, it makes it safer! Having a tripod prevents you from trying to balance your camera on something that it could tumble off of. You definitely do not want to break your lovely camera while trying to get a photo of your lovely outfit. My tripod has a little detachable screw on piece that I actually leave on my camera at all times so it is just a matter of quickly clicking it in when I want to snap some outfit shots.
2.   Get a remote!In the beginning I experimented with taking outfit photos without a remote and it was very hard. While most cameras have a self timer so that you can set the camera and then run in front of it, it is very difficult to set the focus correctly when you don’t have anything to focus on! It can be done but it takes a ton of trial and error and you will not have fun, trust me! Get yourself a cheap little remote, stand in front of the camera and shoot away! You can usually even set a few second delay on your camera so that you have time to hide the fact that you are holding a remote.
See! There’s my remote! It’s that thin little black thing in my hand.


3.   Take tons of photos.When I take my own outfit photos I take literally 10x more than when I have someone else take them for me. I like to shoot lots so that I am sure to get a good shot. While I am snapping away with my remote I periodically run back to the camera to check and make sure I got some good ones.


2.   Move yourself and the camera around.I try to take a variety of shots when I am doing my own outfit photos. I take some full body shots, some closer ones and usually a bunch of detail shots as well. This involves moving yourself towards and away from the camera and sometimes raising and lowering the tripod. Try to take all of your far away full body shots before you start moving the tripod around, this will save you time. Also, change the orientation of the camera. Take some landscape shots as well as some portraits. It makes it more interesting when you have a mixture of the two! In case you don’t know…the first shot below it portrait style (taller than wide), the second is landscape (wider than tall).

These 3 shots were from the same photo shoot. Sometimes I move around a lot!

4.   Be silly!Don’t be afraid to take a “bad” photo. The best part about taking your own outfit photos is that if you end up looking like a total goof, no one has to see it but you! Although, sometimes I like sharing my “total goof” photos! I am getting better at being comfortable in front of the camera when someone else is holding it but I tend to take fewer what-is-up-with-my-face-in-this-photo shots when I am controlling the remote. I am just more relaxed when it is just me and my remote in charge of the photos.

This is my “can someone outside see me?” face.

I hope these simple tips help encourage you to take your own outfit photos! It really is fun! Let me know if you take some outfit photos of yourself. You can leave me a comment on my blog, or message me on Twitter!


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  6. I usually take my outfit photos with my Galaxy Note 3. I use the timer. Yes it’s kinda tricky but for me it works. I also have a Canon T3 which I use with a tripod and the timer as well. The pictures are obviously way better, but I don’t always have my camera around. I usually take them at work, in the bathroom haha. And I know the feeling when someone walks into the bathroom and I’m there posing. It’s pretty embarrassing haha. Thanks for the tips.

  7. I usually take my outfit photos with my Galaxy Note 3. I use the timer. Yes it’s kinda tricky but for me it works. I also have a Canon T3 which I use with a tripod and the timer as well. The pictures are obviously way better, but I don’t always have my camera around. I usually take them at work, in the bathroom haha. And I know the feeling when someone walks into the bathroom and I’m there posing. It’s pretty embarrassing haha. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Thank you for sharing the tips I’ve really wanted to start taking outfit photos, or just more photos of me in general but when someone else does them, I’m suuuuper awkward. Ordering my remote now! Free Photoshop Online.

  9. You’re so cute! Just popping in from Weekend Rewind! Great ideas. I’ll have to get a remote! x

  10. Great tips! This article is really useful. However, in order to capture the best pictures, it is essential to hire reliable photographers. Fortunately, all my needs are catered by this site.

  11. Thanks so much for the tips! Will the remote you suggested work on any canon camera?

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  13. Thanks, this helped me out a lot! And totally off topic, I am obsessed with your hair! Did you do it yourself? Love it, I’m thinking about doing something very similar with mine!

  14. AHHHH LOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!!! And the post isn’t bad, either! (: ~ nerdwithtaste.wordpress.com

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  16. I absolutely love this. I have a cheap digital camera [a Kodak EasyShare] & I have yet to upgrade to a better one. I’m finding it increasingly necessary the more things I create & can’t take decent pictures of! Maybe I’ll have to save up & keep an eye out come Black Friday. Any suggestions??

    Thanks for the great tips. Even more motivation to get that better camera – && a tripod & remote to go with it!

    Dani @ theyarntotell.wordpress.com

  17. this is great. I take all my outfit photos myself too. I use a tripod but with self timer rather than a remote. 10 seconds seems to be enough! I like having the control of setting the shots up myself.

    if thats your house…its so amazing and bright!


  18. This is so helpful. I’ve tried to use my tripod in the past, but find that I get frustrated having to try over and over again to get things just right. But, the truth is, it can be fun, too. Like you said! Thanks for the tips and the fantastic photos. The pink hair and blue walls make for a wicked combo!


  19. Elycia is so adorable, not to mention she has some excellent tips. I haven’t plunged into the world of tripod photos but perhaps I should… don’t think the husband loves taking the photos that much. ha! Great to discover you via IFB.

  20. Thanks for sharing these tips! I linked them on my site. I also LOVE the turquoise walls. What color is that? I want to do that in my daughter’s bedroom!

  21. This is awesome! I hate taking my photo and am so uncomfortable in front of the lens. I think I just need to lighten up a little and definitely need to invest in a remote…genius!

  22. I. love. this. and thank you for mentioning getting a CHEAP remote. I’ve been dreading looking up the price of one and holy heck, I can actually AFFORD ONE!!! Yippee!!!

  23. Morgan – I don’t know what Elycia does, but I know most tripods can be pivoted, so you actually can turn the camera sideways. That’s how I do mine. You could also always just crop it like you were saying, but turning the camera on the tripod is probably the best way to get a good shot.

  24. Love this! Thank you! Ok, I have a question for you….how in the world do you take portrait style photos without moving your camera sideways? Do you just take them landscape style and crop them? I have always wondered this. Thank you!

  25. This is pretty much the post I have been waiting for. I am possibly the most awkward picture-taker EVER. I got made fun of this week for looking down so much – it was my “demure” pose. Oops. Thank you for posting this Lindsay, and thank you Elycia for the tips!

    Also – I now want pink hair.

  26. Great post! I’ve taken my own outfit photos a couple times, and of course the tripod & remote are KEY. But playing around and being goofy are the best parts of doing self-portraits! And so I’m glad you mentioned that. 🙂

    Of course, when someone else is taking pictures, I find it helps to jump around or doing something totally silly a few times to loosen myself up. But if other people are walking by I can’t always bring myself to do that.


  27. Love it. This is one of the things I hope to get WAY better at this year. Thanks for the tips. Came in via IFB: Links a la Mode.

  28. Thanks for the comments, everyone – I think we all agree that Elycia’s just about the cutest thing, right?!

    I hope that everybody’s having a great time finding the perfect tripods and remotes and trying them out!

    – Lindsay

  29. thank you for the tips.
    i especially loved the tripod thingy and the remote.
    and i totally get what your saying about the weird feeling being photographed. I also tend to act a little crazy when I am alone with my camera.

    also, i would love to have you visit over at artandloveandme.blogspot.com because yesterday
    i got to host my very first LINK UP PARTY
    people around the blogosphere are invited to link up their art, be it a photo, a painting, a sculputure…
    This party will take place on my blog artandloveandme.blogspot.com every third thursday,
    which was also yesterday.

    So I would really love to welcome you all on my blog
    and am excited to see your art.

    jay from Art & Love & Me

  30. Thanks for the tips! I have only recently gotten my first DSLR and I can’t wait to get a tripod and a remote now.

  31. I absolutely love these tips. As I’ve started to take more outfit photos for my blog I’m realizing that I definitely need to invest in a tripod asap- and get a remote! I found your blog when we were both featured on IFB this week and I’m crazy about it. I’m now following.

  32. Love this post. It’s so true that when someone else is taking the pictures there are more “what’s up with my face” shots! Why is that?! Haha it made me laugh but it is so true. Thanks for the tips!

  33. Thank you for these tips. I’ve been debating on rather to take my own photos are not. I always feel weird taking pictures in public and if someone spots me taking a picture of myself…I might just die lol.


  34. I’m so glad everybody’s loving these tips as much as I am! Be sure to link us to your photos if you take any!

    Go stop by Elycia’s blog, too – lots more adorable pics!

    – Lindsay

  35. Great tips, thank you. I always have to harrass someone to help me take photos and then I feel it’s rushed so would def be easier and more relaxed if I could do it myself x

  36. I love the rule about making faces. I quite like to be goofy in pictures and I think more people should feel the same way!

  37. I’m so glad everybody’s enjoying the tips!

    Be sure to share your own outfit photos/self portraits in the comments here if you take any after reading Elycia’s post!!!

    – Lindsay

  38. Thank you for sharing the tips Elycia! I’ve really wanted to start taking outfit photos, or just more photos of me in general but when someone else does them, I’m suuuuper awkward. Ordering my remote now!

  39. Thanks for this! I was just using my tripod and remote yesterday and hated 90% of what I took because my camera was so low and my behind looked massive!

    Can’t wait to try more shoots and get a better lens as well.

  40. MaDonna – This is the one I use. They’re pretty cheap and get the job done. You can usually find details in the description, but I think they’ll work on any camera with remote capabilities. I know my old Canon PowerShot couldn’t do it, but my new Rebel can. I hope that helps!

    – Lindsay

  41. I love it! Do you have any advice on buying a remote for your camera? I’m completely clueless — does it have to be specific to your camera, or just brand, or anything? I don’t know!

    Thank you!

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