sponsor spotlight . red leaf: quit your day job

May 7, 2010

Chris of Red Leaf, a sponsor and regular at leShrimp, was recently featured on the Etsy Storque’s “Quit Your Day Job!” I know you’ve all heard me rave about Red Leaf’s fantastic bubble bath dough (It’s never too late for a belated Mother’s Day gift, you know…), and obviously I’m the not the only one this guy has impressed with his quality product line!

Chris of ShopRedLeaf knew in order to dig himself out of “cubicle land” and into running the business of his dreams, he would need to plan ahead, save, research, and dedicate his energy full time into launching his shop. After rigorous time and research, Chris created a line of products that he himself would want to buy, use daily, have sitting on his counter, or feel great about giving as a gift. He now enjoys the freedom to pace and prioritize differently, and be hands on — which allows him the control over the business’ outcome. Learn more about how Chris uses his shop photos and customer service skills as some of his best marketing tactics for new and repeat business in the interview below.

Read the full article to hear all Chris’s best business and marketing tips and to find out more about the guy behind the shop that’s got the whole internet all abuzz!


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