Stasia Burrington’s Tattooed Girl – Color Inspiration

May 27, 2015 separator Uncategorized

Color Inspiration Stasia Burrington

Today’s Color Inspiration comes from artist Stasia Burrington’s bright, beautiful Etsy shop. Her tattooed beauties are such a wonderful combination of traditional and modern!

Stasia Burrington

Stasia’s color inspiration comes from her love of peachy pinks and yellows together. The overall colors of this piece are warm and happy, and adding just little pops of blue – and then of course the dramatic black and white – add a lot of energy.

In telling me what drew her to this genre of art, Stasia had this to say: I’m half Japanese, and have always been really attracted to textile design and artwork emphasizing line – lots of art nouveau, and Japanese woodblock prints.

P.S. Stasia’s having a moving sale, so you can get 20% off in her shop with code MOVEMOVE if you need some new art!

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