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July 30, 2012 separator Free Printable

(I’ve updated this post to fix the download link.) Happy Saturday, friends! Here’s a little quote that I love. Feel free to pin or share it, as long as you credit Shrimp Salad Circus and link back to this post.

Click here to download a high-resolution printable version. You can print it out on standard-sized paper, and trim the edges to a square. 
The creative adult is the child who survived after the world tried killing them, making them “grown up”. The creative adult is the child who survived the blandness of schooling, the unhelpful words of bad teachers, and the nay-saying ways of the world.

The creative adult is in essence simply that, a child.

– Ursula K. Le Guin

What’s your favorite quote?

Credit – Umbrella Photo by smokedval stock


    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been using stock images from photographers, but beginning this Saturday (08.11.12), I’ll be using my own photos!

      You can find the source for the original images for past posters at the bottom of each post.

    1. Aubrey, I’ve seen it both ways, though it looks like it might be ‘Le Guin.’ The site I originally found it on spelled it ‘LeGuin.’ Either way, I don’t think it’ll prevent anybody from finding the proper author, but I’ll try to remember to double-check and then change it next time I’m on Photoshop. 😀

  1. That’s good stuff…so many kids are told they can’t do what their heart desires…what their dreams and hopes are…So thankful for those children that survived.

  2. My favourite quote is by Mahatma Ghandi, although I have been told it is now too common.
    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    1. It’s only common because it resonates with so many people. It’s a wonderful quote! 😀

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