the countdown begins

May 18, 2013 separator my wedding

Sooo I’m getting married in three months… You know what that means? It means that it’s time to quit slacking and start pulling this shindig together. 

Which brings me to the million dollar question: If you could plan your wedding all over again, what would you do differently? 
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  1. Very exciting! 3 months will go by in no time!

    Something that I would change is to compromise more often (not on everything, but pick your battles only when it’s really important). A wedding involves a lot of strong opinions from family on what they would like the wedding to be like. While overall things went pretty smoothly for me, there was a bit more stress than there needed to be.

    I think it’s helpful having the perspective that the most important thing is that you’re getting married and you have all of your closest family and friends to celebrate with you.

  2. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! My 10 year anniv is coming up on August 23rd. A couple things I would change: Hire a photographer! We just relied on the little disposable cameras we had on the reception tables, and various ppl snapping their own cameras 🙁 And…I wanted real white roses, but my MIL said white roses mean death and no wedding should have them:( So I went with a fake bouquet made by her. (It was beautiful, but not my real white roses) And another thing is I did not dance with my father. I could list a few more things…but I will say make lists, after lists, after lists of things to do and not forget! 😀

  3. I have been taking out my wedding regrets on my Pinterest board for a year now(! I would trust my gut, and be more original, even though some people might have negative opinions! I would think through EVERYTHING, especially the day of schedule, and remember to be more thoughtful to those working so hard for me. I would definitely still consult with the photographer in advance to share my ideas and style, that worked out really well! I would have paid the extra money to have the bluegrass band we wanted, and put my foot down to the overbearing in-laws (might as well have started then)!

    I would have asked for help on all my DIY’s that I ran out of time for, stuck with my guns on mismatched, non-bridesmaidy bridesmaids, and not put off the hard conversations that need to happen in order to make decisions. But the one thing I would definitely NOT change, is the guy I married! NO regrets there! 🙂

    1. Loved your board – you pinned a dress that my MOH is actually wearing in the wedding!

  4. My biggest regret is not trusting my photographer more. She was a fabulous, photojournalism-style lady whose work was exactly the look I wanted, but in my pre-wedding stress, as I filled out a questionnaire she provided, I went a little too crazy with giving her specific shots I wanted. I initially didn’t want one posed photo in front of the altar, but with the group pictures I wanted, combined with the 105-degree heat, we ended up having a significant amount of them. It was stressful for our huge wedding party, as well as for the photographer, since it wasn’t her normal style. I love all of my photos, but I’m convinced that if I’d let her take more of the lead on the group shots, we could’ve had less anxiety for everyone, plus honored her by staying true to her style.

  5. My wedding turned out to be a great day. We still have people tell us it was one of the best ones they went to. 🙂

    But I think if I could do it over again, I would have been less of a slacker. I did a lot of it myself, and I think I could have saved more money if I got off my lazy butt. I should have made our invites instead of buying them. Little things like that.

    We made a lot of compromises with the families, but it was worth it. We are going to do something more us when we renew our vows in Vegas in a few years.

    1. I’m in the process of making our invites now, and it’s actually been a really fun prcess!

  6. If I had to do it all over again, I would have done what I wanted and gotten married in my Grandmother’s backyard and not worried if certain people were offended. It’s 7 years later and they would have forgotten by now but it still makes me a little sad. I also would have registered at a place that has more quality items (I have almost replaced all my wedding gifts by now). …but really, I did enjoy my wedding and have a good time! The most important thing is getting married to the person of your dreams – everything else is a bonus! 🙂

  7. Congrats! My husband and I actually got married on August 17th of last year.

    While I loved everything about my wedding, especially having all our family and friends in one place to party, if I had to do it all over again I would use the money to elope. We would rent a house for a week on the coast in Italy or Greece, I would get a gown and he would have his suit, and we would hire a photographer to take amazing photos. We would open up the house to anyone who wanted to come take a vacation with us. We would celebrate with food and wine and beaches.

    Our wedding was worth all the stress (we planned our VA wedding while we were still living in Korea) and we had a great time and everything was perfect. But if I had to do it all over again…

    1. Eloping gets more tempting by the minute as our wedding approaches! lol

  8. FIrst of all, I’d get married AFTER pinterest was invented! 🙂 Secondly, I would have had a two flavored wedding cake. I wanted carrot, husband wanted chocolate raspberry (I don’t like raspberries). I got vetoed, so I never even tasted our cake. It’s okay though, I was too busy having a good time to eat cake anyway!

    Congratulations and have a blast!!

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