things to note | and four winners

July 19, 2010

Things to note: 

  • The Get Perspective Project’s second word is up right now! You have until Sunday, August 1 to submit your photo!
  • I was on the FOSSIL BLOG! Yeah, that’s right – I’m a geek, and I’m totally bragging. Pardon the immaturity. 
  • I am going to Belize and Mexico in less than a month!!!
  • I have a top-secret surprise project underway, but you bloggy friends just might get a sneak peek before it launches…
  • Oh, and I got to hug a llama on the Fourth of July. I think he liked me. I can tell by the way he’s smiling.

Oh, and then there’s this little matter of announcing the FOUR winners of the Greta Pollman giveaway! Buuuut before I go there, I’d like you to check out Greta’s shop, if you haven’t done so.

Congratulations to all the winners (and soon to be indie fashionistas), and thank you so much to Greta for sharing her business and life with us!


  1. Wow, Belize! My husband and I loved it there when we went. It’s so friendly and beautiful. We didn’t get to see a tapir but we did find a vegan restaurant in a tiny town, saw monkeys and birds, and had a great time! You’ll love it!

  2. ooh congrats on Belize! my family goes there a few times a year and they love it! they intend to retire there in a few more years. I hope to be able to travel down at least once..just have to get my ears fixed for plane trips 🙁 pesky ears!

    ♥ Tsuki

  3. Love your list of happy things. That llama is adorable!

    So excited about this secret project!

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