$10 Chandelier Before & After . My Wedding

October 29, 2013 separator my wedding

I promised to share some wedding details soon, and I’m finally here to deliver. I DIYed pretty much everything for our big day, from the invitations to the decor. Our venue was a little bigger than we really needed, but I just loved the space too much to downsize. We were worried about the room looking kind of empty if we were only taking up half of it, so I decided to set up a small ‘lounge area.’ 
It was basically just a little spot across from the bar with tall tables for drinking and chatting. To set the space apart, I needed to decorate it just a little bit differently. I found this seen-better-days chandelier at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and saw the pretty underneath all that brass. I rehabbed a pretty piece for my wedding for under $10. Bonus: the ReStore supports Habitat for Humanity, a wonderful charity!
Read on after the jump to see the ‘after’ and find out how I made this gaudy guy over!

  1. I removed all the light bulbs before doing anything else. Those suckers are apt to break if you look at ’em funny! With the bulbs out, I was able to slide the white ‘candle’ tubes off.
  2. I cleaned off all the dust and then scuffed the shiny finish a bit.
  3. I hung the whole thing from a sturdy tree branch and sprayed several thin coats of a robin’s egg blue satin paint. I even sprayed the chain!
  4. When everything dried, I put the ‘candle’ tubes back on. 
  5. I hung the chandelier in a temporary spot so that I could add all the bling.
  6. I bought some sale Christmas tree trimmings for the sparkly bits. I wired a string of little acrylic crystal pearls to hang from each bar. I then hung an acrylic crystal drop from each bar so that they dangled in between the loops of pearls.  
  • Chandelier $5, 
  • Acrylic crystal drops and garland $3
  • Spray paint $1 (I had already used almost the entire can on other projects.)  
  • Total: $9
I think it would be beautiful to create several of these in a coordinating color palette to hang in clusters at different heights or all over a big room!

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  1. This is great! I’ve got a chandelier similar to this sitting in my dads garage I picked up dirt cheap ages ago… now I have some inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the color! And…all the better that you bought the original chandelier at Restore!

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