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January 15, 2012 separator Photography

Have you heard of TTV photography and had no idea what it is? Well, all the photos in this post should cue you to the fact that it’s a beautiful form of photography, but let’s talk specifics.

What does TTV stand for? It’s through the viewfinder. The photographer takes a picture of something with a digital camera through the viewfinder of a vintage camera. The vintage camera involved is usually a twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera – one that you hold at waist-level and look down on to see through the viewfinder. 

TLR cameras are one of the first types people think of when they talk of vintage cameras. Common TLRs include the Kodak Brownie, Kodak Duaflex, and the Argus. You can find them all on Etsy or Amazon starting at just $17

If you pick up a TLR camera and want to give this a try yourself, you’ll need to block out all light coming into your digital camera except what’s coming in through the viewfinder of the vintage camera. For this, most people put together some sort of tube to join the two cameras. Russ Morris has a great set of instructions to create a sturdy, portable tube. Adam Allen Photography also has an interesting video tutorial using a Pringles can. 

$30 . CAPow!

$17 . bomobob


  1. TTV is so fun & really easy too! I can’t wait to do more experimenting with it once the weather gets a bit nicer..

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