What I Want to Wear . Burnt Umber & Sapphire

September 28, 2011 separator Fashion

trench . Burberry . £595; cigarette trousers . Topshop . $60; silk tunic . The Outnet . $204; pin . Modcloth . $15; earrings . Jennifer Miller . $150; flats . Givenchy . 398; cloche . Bloomingdale’s . $52

Everybody seems to post “What I Wore Today” pictures all the time. The thing is, in my wardrobe that just isn’t that interesting of a topic, to be perfectly honest. What I would wear if you gave me a big pile of money is far more exciting. That said, welcome to What I Want to Wear.

This first one is a pretty color combination for fall, and I’m really into cigarette pants and skinny trousers at the moment. I’m a sucker for a hat, too, and there’s no better time than now to start wearing ’em!


  1. Let’s be honest, what we want to wear is way more fun than what is actually in our closets! I love this! Really liking that sheer top… thanks for posting

  2. Love your new What I Would Wear…….good thinking! Kind of like my new Inspired: Design. If I had the money, it’s how I style my home. Nice combo of colors.

  3. It’s a good thing that silk tunic was sold out in my size (oh, and that it was $200 *yikes*). I love this look!

  4. Adorable hat! I’ve always wanted to be a hat kind of person but even the loosest ones give me a headache. I like that pin too, the old-fashioned stick style is so charming. I think I’ll try to find some blanks and add some to my shop! Thanks for the inspiration!

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