Paris Zombie Walk . Halloween

October 10, 2011 separator be inspired

Live Rasoloarison, a Parisian freelance graphic designer, brings us graphic, fantastically-made-up zombie mobbers from the Paris Zombie Walk. I’m sure 76.3% of you will think this is disgusting/horrifying/sick, but I just freakin’ love Halloween and zombies and vampires and gory movie makeup! I’ve been counting down to the premier of The Walking Dead since last season’s finale.

How do you rock Halloween – barely-clad in something “sexy” (read: sexy crayon, Tin Man, or anything else formerly associated with childhood), cutesy, gory/scary/gross, or do you stick with something classic and relatively demure (read: entirely appropriate to take Bobby and Suzy trick-or-treating)? The last couple years, I’ve opted for the last option, going as Daphne and the Cheshire Cat. This year? Who knows…!


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  2. Tiki – We have one here in Lexington that I thought about doing and just couldn’t make it to the rehearsals. It looks like so much fun!!!

    – Lindsay

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