Baby Shark Song Costume – DIY Family Halloween Costumes

September 27, 2018 separator DIY Tutorial

Read more: Learn how to sew a baby shark song costume.

Baby Shark Song DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas for the Family

You guys. YOU GUYS!

I am SO dang excited about our Halloween costumes this year!

But first, a note: Photos of the three of us are by Maria Vavilova Photography and edited by me. Others I took myself. Thanks, Maria!

And one more quick thing: if you’re looking for another baby Halloween costume idea, check out Cricket’s DIY Sophie the Giraffe Halloween costume from last year!

Baby Shark Song DIY Halloween Costume

You know the baby shark song, right? “Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo, doo doo!”

Yeah, yeah, it’s stuck in your head now. I’m sorry.

But just in case it’s not:

  Now that we’ve got that all cleared up, I MADE A BABY SHARK COSTUME FOR ALL THREE OF US!

And Pippa’s a shark, too, of course.

DIY Baby Shark Song Costume

Well, #sorrynotsorry for all the photos you’re about to have to scroll past to learn how to sew a shark costume. I couldn’t pick. They were all too stinkin’ cute!

The great thing about this family Halloween costume idea is that since it’s a hoodie costume, it’s warm and cozy. Your little ones — and you — won’t be freezing your fins off while you’re out trick-or-treating!

Baby Shark Song Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Baby Shark DIY Family Halloween Costume Idea Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Baby Shark Song Family Halloween Costumes DIY Baby Costume - Baby Shark Song Halloween Costume Idea DIY Family Halloween Costumes - Baby Shark Song Doo Doo Doo

DIY Baby Shark Song Costume


These are the exact sweat suits I used — both the baby and adult versions. I’ve also linked to the exact supplies I used (like the fabric spray paint) or the closest available online product for ones I couldn’t find online. The list contains affiliate links, so I could make a commission, but it won’t cost you anything extra.

Instructions for a DIY Baby Shark Song Costume

I modified this great DIY shark costume tutorial to do the teeth. Check it out in case you want to skip the red fabric!

How to Sew a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 1 How to Make a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 7

1. Measure the hood of a hoodie while folded in half, and then double that measurement. Add two inches to the length.

Cut two strips that length by two inches wide.

How to Sew a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 2

2. Add a strip of painter’s tape along the length of one piece of felt to create a straight line.

Use a measuring tape to add dots with the market to the painter’s tape to create evenly-spaced guides to sew the teeth. I made a dot every one inch.

How to Sew a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 3

3. Lay the taped strip of felt on top of the other piece, and use a sewing machine with white thread and a straight stitch to sew a zigzag. You’ll sew up to the edge of the painter’s tape at every dot.

Cut out the extra triangles from under the zigzags after you’ve sewn the full row of teeth.

How to Sew a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 4

4. Fold the red fabric in half, and mark the long edge at the same hood length you calculated in Step 1. Cut a triangle with the folded side being the long edge.

Iron the red fabric to press down the fold.

How to Sew a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 5

5. Sandwich the folded edge of the red fabric between the hood and the teeth, and pin the layers in place together.

Use grey thread and a zigzag stitch to sew the layers together.

How to Make a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 6

6. Cut away the extra felt from the teeth inside the seam, like at the top of the above image.

How to Make a Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 7

7. If your hoodie has a zipper, tape over it with painter’s tape.

Cut a half-over tummy shape out of adhesive vinyl for a baby- or kid-sized hoodie, and stick it onto the hoodie. Press it down firmly to keep any paint from bleeding under.

DIY Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 7 2

For an adult size, you can cut the shape out of butcher paper, wrapping paper, or something similar. Stick painter’s tape around the inside edges, and trim the tape into a smooth oval shape. Stick the tape onto the hoodie, and press it down firmly.

DIY Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 8

8. Put a piece of cardboard or heavy paper inside the torso of the hoodie to keep any paint from bleeding through.

Spray the tummy white with several thin, even coats.

Tip: You can’t tell from the above photo, but I covered the hood and sleeves with paper to protect them from any spray.

DIY Baby Shark Song Costume for Halloween - Step 9

Tip: Let it dry at least overnight before proceeding to Step 9. I got impatient and tried to iron the letters on as soon as the surface felt dry, and I now have a white iron. Don’t tell Andrei… ;)

9. Cut out the following words from black HTV in your favorite font. I used Cricut Sans for this one.


You want the DOO DOO DOO to be around half the size of the other words, and the baby or kid version of the phrase will be smaller than the adult version so that the letters fit on the chest.

Iron them down with a lot of pressure, pressing until you can see the texture of the fabric underneath the letters.

Baby Shark Song Halloween Costume Idea for the Family

10. Finally, cut eyes out of the HTV as well. I did a big circle on either side of the hood. I cut little circles out from the bigger circles to leave an empty space.

After you iron on the eyes, you can paint the insides of the empty circles with white to give the eyes a cute (instead of scary!), sparkly effect.

Baby Shark Song DIY Family Halloween CostumesBaby Shark Song DIY Family Halloween Costume Idea

Baby Shark Song Costume - These DIY family Halloween costumes are super cute and totally on-trend. Learn how to sew a baby shark costume for babies, toddler, or kids, and make a set for the whole family! This hoodie costume will even keep children warm on a chilly Halloween for trick or treating!


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  2. Hi Lindsay, this is an amazing idea and thank you for posting step by step procedure. I am a beginner at diy & sewing. could you please help me out with the letters ? I don’t have a cricut or have any experience around this? Please could you provide alternatives to putting those letters on the jacket ?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Preethi — Thank is so much for your sweet comment! You can buy premade iron-on letters at Michaels or any craft store. Or you could even just paint the words! If you paint them, you can use a black acrylic paint and a small/medium (depending on letter size) round brush.

      You can find tons of letter options on Amazon; just be sure to buy enough for all the “O”s!

    1. Thanks you for your concern, Janet. Please take another look at the photo, as you can clearly see that our daughter is being supported by each of us on either side. None of her weight was on the dog, as I make a point of not using my child or pets as photo props. Our dog Pippa is very well loved and very well cared for. She adores our daughter, and they love to play together. I thank you for being an animal lover (like myself) and encourage you not to be so quick to pass judgment in the future. 💛

    1. Thanks so much, Abby! The red is just a rectangle that hangs loose at the back. You can measure the length of the hood (same as for the teeth) and then for the width, measure from the front of the hood down to the neck. Leave a bit extra to fold over for the front seam. Does that make sense?

      1. not really, but I’ll figure it out. I had bought all the supplies, but the red jersey. I went ahead and bought 2 yards just in case.

        Am I cutting a triangle or a rectangle for the hood?

          1. I actually found the teeth to be pretty easy once I got into a rhythm. The tape and marks helped me keep it even, so it was just a lot of turning! :)

        1. Sorry — I’ll try to figure out a way t make it more clear so that I can update the post. I used a rectangle. It hangs loose inside the back of the hood. I’m sure there are better, neater ways to do it, but I’m not much of a sewing expert unfortunately.

          1. Neither am I! But I have a sewing machine, so I’ll see what I can do. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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  4. This is wonderful! Found this post through a google search. Thanks for the inspiration. I am getting blue, pink and yellow hoodies for the costume.

    1. Thank you so much, Hyunju! I love the idea of different colors, and I’d love to see pictures of you make them! You can tag me on Instagram and use #shrimpsaladcircus

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