Tell Me What to Do in South Africa!

January 13, 2016 separator Life

Advice - What to Do in South Africa


Excuse me here while I try to contain my excitement, but Andrei and I are about to go to AFRICA! I couldn’t be more pumped (except for that whole massively long flight, of course).

Tell Me What to Do in South Africa!

Now I’m looking to you guys for advice. You’ve been absolutely phenomenal in the past with suggestions, so I’m throwing it back your way for this trip, too! We’ll be visiting Capetown, Kruger, and Victoria Falls.

What should we eat, do, see, and buy while we’re there?

If you’ve been and have written a blog post or shared pictures on Instagram, definitely link them up in the comments so that I can stalk your adventures a little bit. I can’t wait to hear your tips and recommendations for what to do in South Africa and the surrounding areas!

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  1. I’ve never been to South Africa, but after having two roommates from Durban in college I’ve been completely obsessed with wanting to go. I don’t have any real recommendations, but have a blast.


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