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June 14, 2010

I highly recommend starting each and every single day with this video – most especially Mondays. Maybe I’m just a twelve year old deep down, but I can’t help but smile watching it (those little HANDS!), and hopefully you’ll get a laugh – or at least a little grin – out of it too.

Oh, and congratulations to Miccosukee, winner of the Byrdie Graphics giveaway!!! Didn’t win? No worries – head over to Byrdie Graphics and pick up a few for yourself. Trust me, with such great prices, you can’t afford not to – especially if you’re a renter. I’ve got half my house covered in Byrdie decals!!!


  1. Lindsay,
    Thanks so much for the video. I love the silly hamsters. Also what a pleasure to have won the giveaway from Byrdie Graphics. Now comes the hard part – deciding on what to use the gift certificate.

    You are to be commended for all you do for these artists and their small businesses. Small businesses are the cornerstone of this country.


  2. How incredibly funny! Love the Chanel clad “girls” on the corner, simply adorable!

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