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March 15, 2011 separator etsy

I’m actually in Dallas right now, but days one and two in ATX were a stinkin’ blast!!! Let me walk you through it photo-style (because I’m like your mom on prom night with my camera…). 

The Etsy/BurdaStyle Crafternoon was a lot of fun. We painted shot glasses, and I made a pitiful little drawstring pouch. Now that I’m rockin’ mad skillz with a sewing machine, I’m contemplating some gaudy floral shorts. We also got to take a picture with a giant, saddled hairless cat. If you’ve been following my recent obsession with hairless cats, then you know how special this experience was for me… 

We hit up the Kung Fu Saloon for some super-sweet free skee ball. Do you remember my 25th birthday in December? Do you remember how I dragged all my friends to a children’s hangout to play endless skee ball? Yeah – bliss. 

Food trailers. Food. Trailers. They’re awesome. There simply aren’t enough of them in the world. Oh, and I want to open up shop (for jewelry, not fried avocado-ey goodness) in my own shiny little baked potato on wheels.

*Pardon the hideousness of my face – we had been dancing like whoa for quite some time. We hit up the Google/ACLU party at Mollie Mae’s, and I instantly fell head over for The Spazmatics. They put on the best, most hilarious show I’ve seen in many moons. Google also gave us free drinks, crazy straws, and light-up ping pong ball rings. Be still my heart, Google.  

And thennnn there was the Etsy/BurdaStyle fashion show. I hate to say this, but it was an absolute train wreck. It started at nine and was fully over by 9:11. These designers traveled from all over the place to make one little round on one tiny little stage, and then they started packing up chairs and setting up for the night’s next round of festivities. I don’t think that I could possibly have been less impressed, though many of the pieces we did manage to see were really beautiful, like that black and white number up there. 

*UPDATE* Apparently the fashion show actually began at eight. The Facebook event listed the wrong time. I’m terribly sad that I missed it!

And that’s all she wrote for now, folks. Stay tuned for further Austin excellence in the coming days. Also stay tuned for me never going home in a misguided attempt to shrug off my thesis-writing responsibilities…


  1. I miss Austin SO much. Now that I live nowhere near there I am finding out so much more neat happenings. Why is that?

  2. I’m the designer of the black and white number up there. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. I’m sorry the fashion show turned out to be lame! What a drag for everyone who travelled so far. There must be just so many events that some get squeezed.

    A friend of mine who works at Google Books was at SXSW — it kind of confuses me that something that I always thought was a music festival has this weirdly huge tech convention component. I am intrigued, though. I have never been to Tejas, but I might be able to handle Austin. it is the Portland of the Lone Star State, after all!

    you look adorable in the pics, and yay for you becoming the master of the sewing machine! Now back to that grad school work, eh?

  4. Omgosh <3 it looks like you had so much fun *jealous* jejejeje you look amazing girl 🙂 Thanx for posting 🙂 loved reading about your trip YAY

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