Coveting – Poolside at a Cheap Motel

April 10, 2012 separator color inspiration

As you can see from yesterday’s post (and several more to come!), I’ve got vacation on the brain, so I put together a collection of retro fun inspired by the thought of lounging poolside at some perfect little dive – $44.95, cable and a/c included…
1. Crocodile Ladder 8×10 . Summer Love by Jena Ardell   
2. Yellow Balloons and Rain Boots on the Beach . Judy Davidson Photography
3. Dive 10×10 . Elle Moss Photography   
4. Mid Century Swimming Pool 16×20 . Lucy Snowe Photography
5. Swoop Onesie . Shop Ani Bikinis   
6. Ansco at the Beach 5×5 . Lo-fi Photography
7. Retro Shades . Sugarlily Vintage  
8. Beach Umbrella Print . Seven Eleven Studios
9. Polaroid Print Swimming at the Grand . Alicia Bock Photography

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