what should I do in Munich?

April 9, 2012 separator Life

Munich Allianz Arena via Michael Kausch, edited by me
As I’ve mentioned, I have a big Europe trip coming up in May! I didn’t give details before, but I’m ready to share a bit now! 
I’m leaving mid-May to travel a bit with The Mister and a couple amigos from college. For the second week, it’ll just be The Mister and me, and I get to meet all his family in Romania finally! I can’t believe it’s taken me over four years to meet his extended fam…
But let’s talk about Munich first. I need some sage tourist wisdom from my world-traipsing friends!
What should I do in Munich? Where should I go? What should I be sure to see? We’ll be there for two or three days, and I’m up for pretty much anything.
If you haven’t been to Germany but know somebody who has, then by all means, share this with them! Help me make this the most epic trip ever! Thanks, friends!!!


  1. You guys are all absolutely amazing – I’m so grateful for your incredibly thoughtful advice!!! I’m glad to have such a wonderful community on the blog! 😀

    – Lindsay

  2. there’s a really nice outdoor market that sells really delicious food and little trinkets. i forget the name of it but I’m sure you could look it up! You should also go to the English Gardens, and there’s a fun outdoor beer garden right next to this weird Asian-looking structure. Other than that… drink lots of beer! Radler is a lemonade-beer and it’s delicious. I’m jealous, I wanna go back!

  3. Hi Lindsay,

    I came across your blog when reading a post at the Apartment Therapy. I have lived in Munich for 2 years and it is truly an amazing city! Here are some spots you just need to visit:

    – English Garden (check beer garden, Chinese tower and the restaurant/ beer garden Seehaus)
    – Koeningsplatz
    – Marienplatz
    – Deutschesmuseum (u can spend a whole day or two easily) and Pinakotheke Moderne and Alte (if you are into museums)
    – see a football game at the Alianz Arena or just take a guided tour(the stadium is really impressive)
    – Olympiapark (was build for 1972 Olympics), view from the tower is great on a clear day. You also have BMW World and museum if you are into cars. BMW world is free entrance and very impressive.
    – Hofbraeuhaus (one of the oldest beer halls)
    – Nymphenburg castle

    And you have many other places around the Munich if you have time:

    – Andechs monastery (munks making beer, love this place)
    – Mittenwald (super cute Bavarian village)
    – Sternbergersee (there are many other lakes around as well but this one is quite fancy)
    – Salzburg (use cheep Bavaria train ticket)
    – Prag is quite close as well

    Have a great time in Munich!

  4. I live near Munich and worked there for 6 months, and really, you couldn’t have picked abetter time for your trip. May is beautiful there. Sunny and warm, but not too hot. Great for sitting outside in the different Biergardens, strolling and chilling in the Englische Garten.
    You HAVE to go to Schloss Nymphenburg. It is such a magical place. I love going there at all times of the year, since it has its special charms in every season.
    A beautiful castle surrounded by parks, forset, fountains and lakes with a little Café on a clearing. Lovely!
    If you want to see some pics, I was there again last month:

    have fun and if you want to know more let me know.

  5. Hi Lindsay,
    my name is Ricarda and I read your blog for a while. I am from Germany, Hamburg (most beautiful cities in Germany: Hamburg and Munich, really :)). If you wanna have the chance to see a little bit more than only Munich, maybe you can make it to a lake near Munich. The “Starnberger See” is only 30 minutes away from Munich, the “Tegernsee” less than an hour. You would have such a beautiful view there and could see typical bavarian villages. If you search by g*oogle “Starnberger See” or “Tegernsee” you will see what I mean.
    Have so much fun in Germany. I hope you will like Europe!
    Best wishes from Hamburg 🙂

  6. I was in Munich two years ago espending only one day. I recommend you to eat in a restaurant-brewery called FRANCISKANER, very very tipical. Its just behind Town Hall esquare. The Town Hall is very popular because each hour o´clock you can see the carrousel installed on the facade.
    After luch you can go for a walk by Maximiliam Avenue where you can find a lot of shops. This avenue ends in a beautiful park where you can lie on the grass and rest for a while.

    I hope you espend a beutiful holidays and enjoy German.

    Sorry I didn´t introduce myself , my name is Maria Iam from Madrid Spain and I follow your blog since last year and I have to congratulate you and render thanks for your work.

  7. I was going to mention the river surfing and she beat me to it! If you want the touristy spot go to Hofbrauhaus for bier. It’s the only permanent Oktoberfest tent. Dachau is very near and worth the trip but hard. The glockenspiel is cute but a little overrated in my opinion. There is a biking tour if you like that (I think it’s called Mike’s biking tour but I honestly can’t remember sorry!)

    I live in Stuttgart (about two hours away) so I’ll offer my email as well if you want to chat. [email protected]

  8. I have been to Munich a few times and it’s one of my favorite places to visit. First, the airport is amazing, be sure to pass all of the terminals and find the bier garten “outside” under the “swallow tail” overhang for a welcoming bier. Second, the markets are fantastic to get lost in if you can get by the many H&M’s every 15 feet surrounding the main square, Marienplatz. Third, there is a quiet little bier garten located in the botanical garden surrounded by foliage and flowers, not far from the Marienplatz, just google botanical garden, Munchen for clear directions. Last but not least, The English Garden is a nice little getaway from all of the bustle. There you can see locals picnicking and surfing the river that runs through the park. There is so much to see and do, you will have such a memorable experience! Before this comment gets too long :-), feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions you may have or if you would like to see a few photos of the places I mentioned above. I am so excited for you!

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