Black & White DIY Projects + Favorite Finds No. 88

August 19, 2016 separator Weekly Roundup

Black & White DIY Projects

I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been crazy busy for me. Things have really picked up the pace at work and here with the blog, and Andrei and I had an anniversary this week. I’ve been making plans and arrangements for a few upcoming trips, and now that it’s Friday, I just majorly need a deep breath, a cold beverage, and some great Netflix.

Read on for links to the great DIY projects featured above, plus my favorite things on the web this week. The list includes affiliate links to a few of my favorite

Black & White DIY Projects + My Favorite Finds This Week

  1. Upcycing + simplicity = yes
  2. So versatile and a perfect mood board
  3. Remind me of beautifully-glazed pottery
  4. Love a good hand-lettered freebie
  5. A perfectly inspiring blank slate for jotting down ideas
  6. Finger painting for grown ups
  7. Fresh, colorful, and delicious for hot summer mornings
  8. Black & white & slouchy & cozy
  9. Something I could really use to manage my anxiety
  10. Fun, bright (pun intended) giveaway 
  11. In case, like me, you’re planning a summer trip still
  12. About to put this knowledge into action
  13. At only $7 finding myself wondering if I can live without this
  14. New favorite (affordable!) stock photo shop
  15. FYI blogger friends: my new favorite way to have a life again
  16. Totally loving this for the bedroom

P.S. In keeping with the black & white theme, have you seen my new ink?!


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