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May 21, 2012 separator Uncategorized

  1. Superglue, Mod Podge, and Hot Glue Guns: Do I even need to say anything about these three things? They make the crafting world go ’round. 🙂
  2. Scarves: I am one of those people that is quite guilty of over-accessorizing. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets – I love them all. But my favorite way to accessorize is with scarves. I’ve always loved the pretty little pieces of fabric, but ever since I started working at the scarf store, I am obsessed. (Seriously, scarves = kryptonite for me.) 
  3. My Camera: Seriously, I take this thing everywhere. Besides my crazy three-legged dog, Bridget, and my Macbook, this is my most prized possession. For some reason I feel like my mind isn’t good enough to file away all of the memories I want to remember, so I take photos all the time. 🙂
  4. Blogs: Gosh. I don’t even know where to start with this one. I truly think blogs are changing the world in terms of fashion, magazines, journalism, and advertising. Some of my favorite blogs, (Besides Shrimp and Salad Circus, of course) are: A Beautiful MessColor Me KatieSelective PotentialKendi Everyday, and Blythe Ponytail Parades
  5. Running: I’ve been a runner ever since the day I was cut from the seventh-grade volleyball team and joined the cross country team so I didn’t have to ride the bus home. Running is such a stress-reducer and ego-booster for me. I love being out in the fresh air and a post-run brownie always tastes better. 😉
  6. L’Oreal Alcohol-Free Mousse: As a curly-haired gal, my locks have a mind of their own. (Curly-haired ladies, #AmIright?) While curls are great if you like second and third-day hair, curly locks require a lot more moisture than other hair types. I’ve recently started using alcohol-free products, and I am in love. My hair feels more bouncy and healthy. (P.S. You can find these products at Walmart or Target.) 

Thanks to Stacie oStars for Streetlights for keeping you guys company while I’m away for a couple weeks in Europe! I totally share her camera obsession and am sure that I would love Bridget, too! ;D Be sure to support my vacation guests with lots of comment love!


  1. I love Stacie’s style! I can always pick her DIYs out on Craftgawker before I even see her name.

  2. Ah! I discovered Stars for Streetlights via craftgawker and now I’m absolutely in love! Great post! I love getting to know bloggers better.

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