Rosco Dressed as a Penguin (Oh, and a Halloween Photo Contest!)

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Cat Halloween Costume - Hairy & Scary


When Safeway reached out and asked me to help raise awareness for their pet Halloween costume contest for charity, it was basically a no-brainer. I immediately headed out to find the perfect costume. Rosco, on the other hand, has chosen to express his feelings via the above photo. Andrei agrees with Rosco and is probably off somewhere shaking his head as he reads this. Or he’s pretending like it never happened and hoping I get it out of my system before we have kids to dress up instead of just cats…

In lieu of me rambling, here’s why you need to scroll all the way through:

  • Maybe my favorite video ever
  • Mish and Rosco passed out after too much catnip
  • Contest entry details and prizes
  • And I have photoshoot pics on Snapchat, so add me: shrimpsaladblog

P.S. I swear my carpet’s not that dirty. It’s catnip.

Penguin Cat Halloween Costume

The Catnip Incident (Alternate Title: Rosco’s Violent Drooling Streak)

So in order to shoot Rosco wearing his costume, I had to bribe him. This probably isn’t shocking to my cat-lady readers out there, but for you dog-only people, cats are wiggly. Like defy-physics-and-the-rules-of-having-a-skeleton wiggly. So you have to distract them. I started with tiny pieces of chicken, but he inhaled them and promptly resumed wiggling.

So obviously I needed to break out the serious stuff. Cue catnip, and chaos ensued. Instead of being content with his little pinch of catnip, he grabbed the lid from my hands with his teeth and proceeded to rub his face all over it and lick it until his face, the lid, and the carpet were soaked in cat drool. Mish joined the party, too.

Cat Halloween Costume - Just Add Catnip

The Hairy ‘N Scary Pet Halloween Costume Contest

In addition to ALL the warm fuzzy feelings, the winner will receive a $250 donation plus with 10 bags of Purina ONE® (16.5lb.) and 10 bags of Purina® Cat Chow® (16 lb.), in their name, to their local, nonprofit, accredited animal shelter or rescue center. The donation will assist with housing, feeding, caring for, and finding families for lots of animals so that have somebody to make them wear ridiculous costumes by the time next Halloween rolls around!

Penguin Cat Halloween Costume - Hairy & Scary Contest

How to Enter the Contest

  1. Snap a pic of your fur baby all dressed up for Halloween.
  2. Post your little cutie on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag it #HairyNScary AND your local Albertsons Safeway-owned grocery store.
  3. Pop over to the contest page, and click “submit” on the pumpkin in the top right.
  4. Select your picture from Facebook or Instagram, or upload a new one if you don’t use social media.
  5. Add a caption and submit!

My Favorite Video Ever, As Promised

Forgive my terrible laugh and the bad quality. It came from Snapchat, which doesn’t explain the laugh, I know. But add me on Snapchat for even more Oscar-worthy moments: shrimpsaladblog

Do you have any ridiculous pet stories? Costumes? Catnip? Weird behaviors? Make me laugh – leave a comment!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Safeway. The opinions and text are all mine.

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