favorite finds for friday no. 11

January 25, 2013 separator Weekly Roundup

These are giant, and I want a thousand of them for our wedding.
Maybe I’d actually make it to the gym if I used this
I keep a jar of these around just for funsies – no party necessary.
I need to master these before the wedding.
Lately I’ve been wanting to gold leaf all the things!
What a brilliant tech accessory!
This is a neat tute for fixing up photos with a dark background.
How would you wear this? I’d pair it with a white tee.
You could do some great things with these free textures.
I need to make this. I could find a reason to wear it to, oh, everything, I think. 
Speaking of the wedding, I’m in love with this.
This is a really neat way to incorporate maps into a stationery suite!
This style is coming back in a big way for spring.
My little guy is the absolutely cutest, right?!

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  2. That monthly goal calendar is so simple & would be way helpful!

    And I’ve been telling myself I MUST learn to sew, so that skirt is serving as inspiration for me to get on it! It’s so cute.

    And to answer your question, yes, your cat is the most adorable cast, just as long as we say my dog is the most adorable dog…

    Flounces and Hubbub

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