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November 3, 2010

Here’s how you buy local, which important because it supports local craftspeople and keeps more of your money where you live.

On Etsy

Just punch in the address for the Etsy homepage, and then scroll your little self on down to [almost] the bottom of the page. You there? Okay. See that little grey box that called ‘Ways to Shop?’ The fourth link down there is ‘Shop Local.’ Click it. Now buy things, and make your neighbors happy.

Here’s what I found in good ‘ole Lexington, KY:

In Real Life

Yeah – you can still shop by walking into a store – wild, right?! Next time you’re bored, just drive around the ‘trendy part of town,’ and stop in every hip, funky, or musty boutique or bookstore you come across.

My finds:

The Black Market

Passport (VIP Pass?) to Local-ity

Last, but certainly not least, you can find the key to all things local, wonderful, and – you know – economy boosting… Find your area’s ‘buy local’ group, and peruse their directory until your eyes bleed (or you find that perfect gift…). Just Google it next time you’re stalking that new guy you’ve got a date with Friday night.

I really encourage each of you to post a similar ‘Buy Local’ post to make all your readers aware of the many options out there – from gifts to grocery – that can be kept in town instead of sending their money off to major international corporation. If you do post it, leave me a link here so I can check it out. And tell me – what are you doing to buy local this holiday season?


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  2. Those are prints are SO beautiful! I’m def going to have to check out their site…

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