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January 18, 2012 separator Photography

Lindsay is amazing for several reasons. She shares my name, spelled properly, of course. She writes Scenic Glory. She and her husband are currently putting together Scarlet & Cream, a vintage trailer-turned boutique snack and soda shoppe. Love it!

Hello Shrimp Salad Circus readers!  I am so excited to be part of Lindsay’s Photography Month and even more excited to be able to share a recent photo shoot I did.  Photography is only a fun hobby, but every day I learn more and continue to get better.  this is especially true when i did my first family photo shoot which included a VERY lively 2 year old.

When my husband’s cousin Meg contacted me about taking their family photos, one, I was flattered, and two, I was a bit worried… I had never taken family photos, let alone family photos with a little guy. Regardless, I was up for the challenge, and in the end am so happy that I accepted. 😀  Here’s a little sneak peak with a few tips I learned along the way.

1.   Consider taking photos of just the little ones first. When we got to our photo location, I decided it might be a good idea to take photos of Brody by himself first… In the beginning is when they have the most energy and the surroundings are new – you get the most fresh expressions this way. By the time they are getting tired of being the center of attention, it’s time for the group family photos, and they have something new to look forward to!

2.   Don’t be afraid to get in close. I find that some of the most interesting pictures I take are those that are “up close and personal.” While the adults may not be the biggest fans, the little ones could really care less.  Embrace the opportunity to capture the cute smiles and big eyes.

3.   Don’t forget the props! Mmy goodness…i couldn’t even imagine what this photo shoot would have been like without a few props… Not only did they help Brody stay entertained, but they also provided for some great picture taking and some unique shots!  For this particular shoot we brought along balloons, bubbles, soda pop, pinwheels, and books. You really can never have enough – anything to keep their attention span going is key!

** Please note: i am not responsible for toddlers that get upset when their balloons are taken away… 😀

4.   Just keep clicking. Everyone knows that toddlers are completely and totally unpredictable. Therefore getting them to look at the camera for that great photo opportunity is probably not going to happen – at least not when you want it to. Brody had a mind of his own and instead of trying to force the “staged” look, I worked with what we had and just kept clicking away. The pictures ended up being absolutely beautiful this way… They looked natural; told a story; and captured everyone’s personality the way that they are – not the way I tried to make them.

5.   Bring snacks and refreshments. There is nothing worse than a hungry and or thirsty 2 year old on a regular day, let alone one on a day that you want to get those priceless photos 😀  Who knows – you may get the perfect shot while they are enjoying that soda or cracker… 😀

I hope my little tips and tidbits will help you when you get ready to take photos of little ones. Like I said, Itaking photos is only a hobby… i am by no means a professional, but these few things definitely worked for me, and I think they will for you as well!  So glad i could be here to share :D, and  thanks again for having me, Linds!

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  1. Thanks for posting such great tips! The “Just keep clicking” is definitely a must when taking pics of kids:)

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