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October 13, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

I’ve been slacking lately on How To-sdays (yeah, yeah, yeah – and the whole rest of the blog), but I’m baaaack. This week’s project is another Tutorial Exchange from Totally Tutorials. This one was constructed using a milagro set from Supply Pusher. It started off as an entirely different project, but that was, sadly, an epic fail, so here’s what you get instead (I’d love to know what you guys think!):


  • 2 Types of brass chain
  • pliers
  • E-6000 adhesive
  • 2 milagro arms
  • 2 milagro legs
  • 2 milagro wings
  • 1 extra large brass jump ring
  • several small brass jump rings
  • clasp
Thank you SO MUCH to Angie of Supply Pusher for providing all the findings for this little project. Not only is she the curator of a fantastic shop, but she’s also one of the sweetest, most accommodating people I’ve had the pleasure of working with on Etsy! She has an amazing collection of milagros and other fantastic little charms and findings, and she antiques them using her own special technique. You can’t beat those prices either, so if you want to make this necklace or any of the other projects made using her supplies, be sure to buy them up!!!


Step 1. Begin by cutting the rings off the top of the wings. You will not need them.

Step 2. Apply a dab of adhesive to the side of the large jump ring.

Step 3. Connect the jump ring to one of the wings using the adhesive.

Step 4. Repeat with the other wing. It should look like the above photo when you’re done. Press under a couple heavy books to dry for awhile while you do everything else.

Step 5. I pre-drilled very small holes through each of the hands using a regular electric drill with the smallest bit. Thread an open jump ring through this hole and the existing one.

Step 6. Thread a short length of each chain through the jump ring, and then close it.

Step 7. Attach a jump ring to each piece of chain.

Step 8. Attach each jump ring between the tops of the wings.

Step 9. Thread another another with jump rings, and attach the two arms together using a long piece of chain. Attach the other hand directly to the large ring.

Step 10. Attach each leg to a different-length piece of chain using another jump ring.

Step 11. Attach each leg to the bottom of the large ring. Make sure they are facing towards you.

Step 12. Clip the long connecting chain at the middle, and attach a clasp to fasten it on.

Here’s your finished, very artsy piece of jewelry. It’s like a little wearable conversation piece!!!



  1. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing. I am still weirded out by the dismembered leg charm LOL, I would so totally wear this around Halloween!

  2. This is quirky but also very wearable, as Lemon Jitters says.

    I too love the orangey-red nails!

  3. Dude, if this is a “fail”…you are much too critical of yourself! I love it! It is a very cool interpretation of the doll idea!

    Also, I love the candy apple red nails you sassy lady!

  4. I love this piece. Very whimsical, but not too strong, so you can wear everyday. Thanks for the links!

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