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April 13, 2010 separator DIY Tutorial

It’s a headband. No, it’s a belt. A choker. A bracelet. Yeah – you get the idea. This is a really pretty, springy, totally versatile project that you can make for ohhhh about four bucks. As always, if you ever make anything from one of my tutorials, I’d love pictures to post on leShrimp!!!

Oh, and the pretty brooch on the mannekin is from Florabond!!!

  • faux flowers of your choice, one large or a couple small
  • coordinating ribbon, 36″ for a hairband or around 48″ for a belt/hairband
  • thread to match the ribbon
  • stiff felt to match the ribbon
  • strong, flexible clear glue (I recommend E-6000)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • sewing needle
  • marker
 1.   Pull the flowers off the stems. They should pop right off. Now, with the wire cutter flush against the base of the flower, trim it all flat. Peel off the bottom ‘petal’ to reveal a little white plastic part. If yous doesn’t have this, just make sure you’ve cut it flat.
 2.   Put your flower(s) on a piece of felt just the way you’d like for them to look on the headband. Carefully trace around the base of the flowers onto the felt, being sure not to mark the flowers themselves.
3.   Cut around the line you’ve drawn. Place the flowers back onto the felt piece to make sure it’s a good fit. If not, trim some more.
 4.   Fold each side of the felt in half to nip away a small circle for the ‘stem’ part of the flower to rest. This will help your flowers to lay flat on the felt.
 5.   Set the flowers aside, and carefully sew the ribbon onto the marked side of the felt using a long running stitch. I marked a dot on the center of where I wanted my flowers by tying the ribbon around my head first. This allowed me to attach the flowers off-center while keeping the ribbon equally long on both sides.
 6.   After you’ve secured the felt to the ribbon, set it aside, and apply a very generous layer of glue around the base of the flower. Try to avoid gluing the petals too much.
 7.   Stick the glued flower onto the marked and ‘ribboned’ side of the felt. Position it so that the stem piece pokes through the little hole you cut earlier. Firmly press the flower onto the felt for a few minutes. Repeat with any additional flowers. Allow it to dry thoroughly before use. I’ve found that blasting with a hair dryer on high heat for a few minutes can speed the process along.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing such a great tute! Flowers add a bit of fun and freshness to anything!

  2. Great tutorial, I want to try when it comes round to summer. Daisy headband for a festival 😀

  3. well howdy doo miss lindsay!
    just thought id drop by and let you know, that your blog is rather splendid 🙂
    i love this tutorial too btw, how lovely of you to share!

    happy crafting,
    have fun being wonderful! x

  4. Lovely tutorial and lovely project! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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