Sea Glass Necklace – How To-sday

October 20, 2009 separator DIY Tutorial

This little gem was created as part of the Tutorial Exchange Program that I’ve told you guys about before on Totally Tutorials. The lovely Corrie of 808Sunshine {How fun is that shop name?} was kind enough to send me a set of gorgeous little drilled sea glass pieces to use for this project. Corrie was an absolute sweetheart and even offered to send me a new set when I thought I lost my first set {long story that involved Mish and Rosco – or didn’t really…}. She finds all her sea glass while scouring the beaches or diving the waters in Oahu, so if you’re looking for legit sea glass, you’ve found your source!For all my nail polish fans, get excited – the fiery coral tips are back! I must apologize for the terrible photos because we were having a horribly rainy, overcast week, and it’s also sort of difficult to capture the beauty of something that is almost totally translucent. This project is super easy but yields a stunning result, so get to supply shopping!

  • Round Nosed Pliers
  • Flush Cutter Pliers
  • Chain
  • Eye Pin, Head Pin, or Piece of Stiff Wire
  • Sea Glass Pieces with Holes {available at 808Sunshine}
1.       I used a head pin because it was all I had on hand, so I had to snip off the end with my flush cutters. If you’re using an eye pin, you can skip this step. For a head pin or wire piece, wrap the end around the round-nosed pliers until you have a little loop.

2.   Begin sliding your pieces of sea glass onto the pin.

3.   Continue adding sea glass until you have attained the desired length. You might want to arrange them first on your work surface to decide what order to put them in, since they will not be symmetrical.

4.       Use the round-nosed pliers to make another loop to close off the end of the pin and secure the glass in place.

5.   Your finished sea glass focal piece should look something like this.

6.   Attach a jump ring onto the loop.

7.   Thread your wire through the jump ring, and close the ring. Repeat with the other side.

8.   Your necklace should look something like this.

9.    If you like the length of your necklace, cut the chain at the middle, and attach a clasp component to each end. If you would like, adjust the length of the chain before adding the clasp.


  1. This is awesome.I live near a beach and have a good collection of sea glass…now I know what to do with it! Thanx for sharing!!

  2. i love all your how-tos! it’s so nice because not a lot of people share their secrets and it for sure gives me some greats ideas for my beading!

  3. Lovely use of sea glass! It looks like the necklace will lay beautifully on the neck!

  4. Such a good idea, Lindsay! I love the way sea glass gets that hazy milky look to it. Beautiful!

    <3 erin

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