Pandora’s Cluster – Color Inspiration

October 29, 2015 separator color inspiration

Color Palette Inspiration from Hubble Telescope Photo of Pandoras Cluster


Have you ever checked out HubbleSite? I’ve featured it here once before and love the library of free hi-res images available from the Hubble telescope.

Hubble Telescope Galaxy Photo of Pandora’s Cluster

I just love how even though we often think of space as this endless field of black, there are crazy bright Lisa Frank colors playing around out there! This is a big, BIG hint for a project that I’ll be revealing on Sunday, so pop back by to see what sort of galaxy-inspired craftiness I’ve gotten up to!

Any guesses what I’ll be posting on Sunday? Leave a comment!

P.S. You can download this photo in low- or hi-res right here free of charge from Hubble Site!

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