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November 16, 2011 separator etsy

pin set . $6.00 . Miniature Rhino
Don’t you just love the simple, linear appeal of an arrow? It’s become such a trend of late (late being quite a while at this point, I suppose…), and I’m definitely on board with it. I used to have the cutest little arrow rings in the shop before they sold out. 

I feel like they’re done A LOT in jewelry, but I felt like I should share some of the other gorgeous ways these artisans incorporate arrows into our daily aesthetic. Can you believe that handmade wall art down there is only $14? And I just might need that wall decal in my life… 
necklace . $150 . Digby & Iona 

wall decal . $10.00 . in an instant

sign . $14.00 . Hatchett Designs

arrows . $38 . Verla Ivans

card . $4.00 . Happy August

giftwrap . $5.95 . Urban Bird & Co.


  1. I have a tattoo of an arrow on my upper right side that I got when I quit my job to go back to school. I adore it, and you’re right, its simplistic nature is quite appealing!

  2. OMG, I love arrows! First of all, it’s SOO much fun to use a bow and arrow! Second of all, they’re just cool looking. The necklace was my favourite thing you showed, but the other stuff is really cool, too! 😀


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