No-Sew Easy Embroidery Wall Art

July 15, 2019 separator DIY Tutorial

No-Sew Simple Embroidery Wall Art

There are plenty of easy embroidery patterns and easy embroidery designs to be found if you want to get started with embroidered art. 

But maybe you’re like me and just don’t have room on your plate for another new hobby…

You’re in luck: This easy embroidered wall art doesn’t require you to sew a single stitch!

I created this project as part of the At Home DIY Challenge, so you should go check out the other amazing projects that take two hours or less!

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No Sew Easy Embroidery Wall ArtEasy Embroidered Wall Art - Bumble Bee

No-Sew Easy Embroidery for Your Wall

This project is so quick and easy that you can be done in about in an hour!

You can use a power saw to speed the process along, but a hand saw will work just fine, too!

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Supplies

No-Sew Easy Embroidery Supplies

* Love the embroidered wall art look but want a different design? Below are the designs currently available.

The bee would look great with the butterfly and dragonfly, right?

Square by Design Woven Fabric Panel Collection

Instructions for No-Sew Easy Embroidery

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 1

1. Measure and mark the board. I measured two pieces that were 21 inches long and two pieces that were 19 5/8 inches long. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 2-1Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 2-2

2. Cut along your marks. Pretty much any power saw will make the process super quick and easy.

But if you don’t have a power saw, don’t worry! Since the boards are so thin, it’s still quick with a hand saw. Use a miter box to help get straight cuts. 

3. Cut four more pieces that are about one inch long. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 3

4. Sand away any rough edges. You’re going to cover the front and outside edges with the fabric later on, so you don’t need to go overboard with the smoothing. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 4

5. Screw the boards together to make a square frame using small screws and a drill. 

The two longer pieces will be the top and bottom. The two shorter pieces will be sandwiched between them. 

Tip: Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, or you could split the wood. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 5 Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 6

6. Attach a one-inch piece of wood into each corner with a small nail to stabilize the frame. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 7

7. Center the frame over the fabric, and stretch it tight from top to bottom. 

8. Staple it at the center of the top and bottom. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 8

9. Use pinking shears (to reduce fraying) or scissors to cut off the corners around 3/4 inch away from the frame. 

This will help reduce bulk when you warp the corners. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 9

10. Pull the fabric tight, and staple around the rest of the frame, alternating sides as you staple. 

11. When you get to the corners, fold and tuck the fabric a bit like a bed sheet. Staple over the corners a couple times to help hold down the thick fabric. 

Faux Easy Embroidery Art Step 5 - Iron-on Letters

12. Use a Cricut or Silhouette machine to cut out a cute phrase, and iron it along the bottom of the design. 

How to Fake Easy Embroidery Art - Bumble Bee No-Sew Easy Embroidery Wall Art Faux Easy Embroidery - Bumble Bee Wall Art


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  2. What a fun project, with so many choices and ideas! I have a real fascination with bees. This would BEE perfect in my own home. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had never heard of Square by Design panels before! I especially love the one you choose, and really like how you can personalize it with any words that speak to you! What a fast and fun project!

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