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It’s time for you guys to meet somebody I very much enjoy. Her name is Patty, and she sews neat things. She also shares my appreciation of artichokes and has a rockin’ sense of humor. Oh, I should also mention that if your Kindle (or Nook. Whatev.) is ever naked, she can clothe it for you. In style. Check out The Plaid Cupcake for solid, irrefutable proof. 

What is the one most interesting thing about you? It’s too much pressure to come up with the MOST interesting thing so I’ll just share ONE interesting thing: I’ve never made JELLO successfully (out of 5 attempts, no joking).

What’s your favorite quote? “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

When did you start your shop? November 2010, but I’ve been crafty my whole life starting with Shrinky Dinks and Spin Art

What do you do when you hit a creative block? Short term: a long jog followed by a cold beer. Long term: take a few days off to explore other hobbies and interests.

What is your favorite thing to make or do? I love any project that goes smoothly from start to finish that doesn’t involve my stitch ripper, cursing, or tears (my husband appreciates these projects as well…).

What inspires your creativity? It sounds weird – but food! Break open an artichoke – the beautiful purples and greens in there are the perfect color combo that I would die to have a dress in. I love a fancy meal that someone has prepared with precision and thoughtfulness. To me, food takes on its own creative endeavors! 

What is your favorite blog? Online shop? You could call me a “serial blogger reader” because what I read changes all the time, but I do love Gussy from Gussy Sews – she’s really inspiring and I love her ruffles! I’m also a sucker for anything J. Crew or Anthropologie.

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This little wallet is only ten bucks. Yes, $10. Yes, seriously. Go buy it.

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